SABO Deadlift (Lime Green)

SABO Deadlift (Lime Green)

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Sizes are Russian so please measure your feet and check which size you should need on our size guide page. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help or advice.

In 2017, SABO improved the ever popular Deadlift shoe with a new design and superior materials!

Improvements include:

1. Construction
All new construction. All parts of the shoe upper are new. A tighter more secure fit than with previous models. Similar look of previous models but with a new design.

2. Materials
New materials have been used for the new Deadlift. New breathable mesh, black synthetic suede and metal eyelets. Improved strap which is harder and more durable.

3. Size
Because of all the new materials and the new construction the shoe has a slightly tighter fit.

4. Outsole.
New outsole material provides improved durability and superior grip.


Specialised shoes for deadlifting and a great all-around lifting shoe for your strength workouts. This is the latest version (Summer 2017) as detailed above.

Main features:

- New anatomical shoe was created especially for deadlifting.

- New non-marking outsole is made of high density material with a special design for traction.  Soles are ultra thin: 2mm-5mm.  

- Two lateral straps allowing for an individual fit and precise tuning of tightness for the foot, ankle and heel.

- High cut upper and materials optimal for training.

- Side support on the outsole allows you to spread the floor without your feet rolling over, unlike slippers.  


- The soles are thin and flat to decrease pulling distance. A thin sole means the barbell is higher up from the floor relative to the athlete.  This allows for more weight to be lifted since the pulling distance becomes shorter. 

- Specialised footwear protects the feet from injuries related to heavy lifting. Protects athletes’ feet from platypodia (flattening of the arches).

- This shoe provides maximum stability for the ankle.

- The soles are made from materials that do not have any give which results in a good surface to push against. The pattern and side support on the outsole minimizes slipping.




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Customer Reviews

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Love my SABO Deadlift Boots from 9for9

I ordered myself a pair of the SABO Deadlift boots in black and lime green as I’d heard some good reviews about them. When they arrived I was delighted to find that the green is a flourescent shade which makes them look even more funky! They are sized big so I ordered a size 3 (36) as opposed to my usual size 4 (37). Very good quality and stylish, they feel like slippers on your feet. Wide fit which allows your feet to spread better on the floor! As usual 9for9 provide the best service, super speedy delivery, with a little treat enclosed!!! I highly recommend them!


SABO Deadlift (Lime Green)

Delightful PB-generating footwear

I have rheumatoid arthritis and thus, somewhat cranky feet. My trusty Converse were letting me down so I decided to try the SABOs. I have a pathological hatred of deadlift slippers so was trepidatious about a shoe with such a thin sole. However, there was no reason to be worried. The level of support is perfect. My foot is able to spread without subsequent lateral roll nor slippage over the sole/footbed. The mid-foot strap is great - I can tighten the shoe without compressing my MTPJs and causing pain. The level of ankle support is negligible but, I'm sure if I needed it, I could tighten the laces and upper strap. There is no hindrance to ankle flexion when at the bottom of the lift. Also? They sent me Haribo with my shoes and that alone brightened my day.


They are the best pair i have ever bought. The grip and lightness blew my mind when i tried it for the first time. The only thing that was negative was i should have bought one size bigger but thats on me. :)

More than happy with this purchase

More than happy with this purchase. 100% recommendable. Excellent customer service. Thank you so much!


Best shoes I’ve ever deadlifted in! Great delivery time and loved the handwritten notes - lovely touch! Thank you

Great lifting shoes

Got me some Sabo's after a friend recommended them. These shoes are awesome. The provide stability and grip like nothing else. Al my big lifts benefit from them. Deadlift, squats, split squats, and so on. Even bench is more convenient because of the grip they provide... All in all, there Sabo's are great!

Superb, precise deadlift shoes

Deadlift is my darling and lime green is my colour, so a few months ago I decided to treat myself to some of these Sabo deadlifting shoes. Having used them in very heavy sessions twice a week for 3 months now, I'm so glad I got them - these are excellent.

These shoes give you a supported, firm feeling while giving you a "barefoot" feel. The sole and shoe shape are sculpted nicely to the foot and the heel is very thin - you won't want to wear them for a run, but for deadlifting they are perfect. When I'm deadlifting I feel planted, precise, low to the ground, firm... and fabulous.

Because I'm shallow, a great part is they look awesome. In 3 months I've had 8 people tell me my shoes look great. So I've bought them their own little bag and will never wear them outside, so they always stay looking mint.

The support they give is similar to that of a snug boot. The double strap keeps them firmly wrapped onto you, and keeps the laces out of the way. The fit is what I'd describe as "exact", almost painted on. I bought Rus 42 for my UK 10 feet - spot-on for deadlifting, I'd recommend getting your exact size. However if you want to wear them casually, I'd go half a size up for some wiggle room.

The problem I have now is I've loved deadlifting in them so much I've neglected my squat, which I need to fix. Therefore I can't endorse these better than to say my next training purchase will be a pair of Sabo Powerlifting shoes, from 9for9 (great service by the way, thank you). In lime green.


SABO Deadlift (Lime Green)

SABO Shoes

The shoes arrived very quickly, and they fit as described. Very happy

Thanks for your review Ian! We are so pleased that the shoes arrived quickly and that you are happy! Thanks for choosing us

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