Lilliebridge Wrist Wraps by Pioneer Fitness - 9 for 9

Lilliebridge Wrist Wraps by Pioneer Fitness

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Lilliebridge Wrist Wraps by Pioneer Fitness

These are the newest wrist wraps in the Pioneer line. These wraps come in five different lengths (12", 18″, 24″, 30" and 36″).  Lilliebridge Wrist Wraps by Pioneer took months of preparation and consultation with the Lilliebridge family to design and develop. They were designed to be functional, strong, and supportive. Everything on these wrist wraps, from the label to the elastic, is 100% made in the USA. Pioneer made a point to source all of their raw materials in the states and they are cut, sewn, produced, packaged by General Leathercraft Mfg. in Coleman, Texas.

  • Constructed with Mil-Spec Hook and Loop (Velcro)
  • The thumb loops are doubled up to ensure durability
  • All sew lines are double stitched to keep the wrap lasting longer than anything else available
  • 'Made in the USA' PVC label

Available in 12", 18", 24", 30" and 36" lengths.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Favourite wraps

Stretchy, really supportive and comfortable - by far my favourite wraps.

Thanks for your review Robert. Enjoy your Lilliebridge wrist wraps. Happy lifting!

Kristina D.
Very supportive yet not too stiff

Really liking the Lilliebridge wraps. Took a few sessions to “break in” but they’re really supportive and not too stiff either. I used the Frank Daddy Choker wraps before which are great too but just a little too stiff for me (skin was not happy)!

Thanks for your review Kristina. Enjoy your Lilliebridge knee wraps. They are a superb all-rounder and certainly more comfortable than the Frank Daddy Chokers! Happy training.

Kristijan K.

These were the first Pioneer wraps that I purchased, they are very durable and a little less stiffer than Strangulators but still stiff. Definately would suggest checking them out!

Thanks for your review Kristijan. Enjoy your Lilliebridge Knee Wraps. Happy lifting!

Jack C.
Lilliebridge wrist wraps

Perfect balance between comfort and stiffness

Will be putting some very big benches up in these

Thanks for your review Jack. Enjoy your Pioneer wrist wraps. Happy lifting!

Matthew F.
Great wraps

Brought these for a comp. They feel really secure but flexible enough for a comfortable fit. Best wraps I have ever owned. The knee wraps are amazing as well

Thanks for your review Matthew. We are so pleased to hear that you like the Lilliebridge wrist wraps (and knee wraps). Hope your competition goes well!

Tobias R.
Awesome stuff

The wraps are awesome! Not too tight and far from too loose, not too stiff either. Just perfect and the quality is insane. Service is absolute legend.

Thanks for your review Tobias. That makes our day to read that you are so happy with the Lilliebridge wrist wraps and also the service too. Happy lifting!

Best wrist wraps i own

I use these for all my squatting and benching, they ensure me that my wrists are well supported and i always feel safe wearing these.

Thank you for your further review Eiríkr. We wish you all the best with your training.

Tea K.
Super power infused wraps

I have bought these as a part of the aniversary gift for my boyfriend, and I will have to order again because I tried them and fell in love.
They feel so nice and strong around wrists that you will feel invincible and have a mighty need to bench your new PR. Seriously, those are so good that they will add a few kilos to your total.

Shipping was extremely fast, kinda got surprised when I saw the package infront of my doors.
Lovely custom note and sweets included.

Thank you for your review. We are delighted to hear that you like the product and have decided to buy another pair for yourself. We hope they will continue to help with more PRs.

Sam M.
Best I've used

Moderately stiff material that remains comfortable. Perfect amount of stretch to cast the joint nicely.

Thanks for your review Sam. We are pleased you like your wraps.

Nicola G.
Lilliebridge wrist wraps

Really like using these they provide great support and stability.

Would highly recommend

Thank you for your review Nicola. We are pleased you like your wrist wraps and hope your training is going well.