Customised Pioneer Belts

Although we stock a wide range of Pioneer belts we can also provide customised belts. We do not offer every custom option available but the different options available through us are listed below along with the costs (in addition to the base price of your belt). 

If you would like a customised belt please contact us and let us know what you would like. We can then generate an order for you (you will receive an email with a link to our website where you can review your order and make payment securely). 

Lead times are typically 8 weeks for non-embroidered belts and 10-12 weeks for embroidered belts; but can vary depending upon Pioneer's workload (e.g., longer in the run up to Christmas).

Pioneer's customisation abilities are truly vast (if you can imagine it they can probably make it) so if you want something outside of the options below please contact Pioneer directly via email and they will be pleased to assist you.

Two tone suede - different colours outside and inside of belt (+£9.95):

Pioneer Powerlifting Belts - Suede Colours

Custom dyed options:

1.) Pioneer offer a range of custom-dyed colours. All belts are hand-dyed. You can choose any of the colours below for a custom-dyed belt (no additional charge):

Custom-fade. This option gives your belt a two-tone fade to black look. Cannot be done on black dyed belts. (+£30.00)

Coloured stitching options (+£9.95):

As pictured below from left to right:

  • Electric Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Navy Blue
  • Purple
  • Lime Green
  • Cactus Green
  • Sand
  • Light Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Black
  • White

White (included in base price for all belts)

Black edging:

Included in base price for all belts (except natural leather and treated leather). If you prefer no edging this can be done.

Coloured lever (+£28.00):

Black, Blue, Gold, Lime Green, Pink, Purple, Red & White

Silver (included in base price for all lever belts)



Pioneer Adjustable Lever V2 (+£50.00):

Available in Satin Nickel or Matte Black PAL, instead of a standard silver lever included in all lever belt prices.

Embroidered custom text:

Embroidered text can only be applied to suede, custom vinyl and garment leather.

1.) Embroidered custom text to the outside and/or inside of your belt (+£44.95 per application)

Maximum number of characters 20 (including spaces). Text only (all available fonts below).

2.) Embroidered message on the loop or above the lever (+£12.95)

Maximum number of characters 8 (including spaces). Text only (Block, Old English and Script fonts below).

The following fonts are available as standard for embroidered text:

1.) Block (available in both lower case and upper case)

2.) Varsity
3.) Old English
4.) Script (top line in the picture)

Laser burned options:

Laser burned options are available for natural leather, treated leather or custom-dyed belts only. Pictured below is an example of a custom image.

1.) Laser burned message text to the outside of your belt (+£59.95)

Maximum number of characters 20. Text only. Fonts available: Block font, Script (proper caps only), Old English (proper caps only) and Varsity.

2.) Laser burned message on loop (+£19.95)

Maximum number of characters 8. Text only. Fonts available: Block font, Script (proper caps only), Old English (proper caps only) and Varsity.

3.) Laser burned tongue text (+£19.95)

Maximum number of characters 8. Text only. Fonts available: Block font, Script (proper caps only), Old English (proper caps only) and Varsity.

4.) Laser burned outside image (+£85.95 per image) 

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Essential headband

The only brand I wear and I'd recommend!

Beautifully crafted weightlifting belt

The belt arrived very quickly and packaged nicely. The belt is everything I had hoped. It’s really nice that someone in Europe is stocking a high quality 3” weightlifting belt because they are extremely useful for deadlift and surprisingly difficult to find anywhere. As a matter of fact this store was the only place I found in Europe. Also, I did not to pay any additional customs fees either which is always a big “what-if” when order things from outside of Sweden. I will definitely not hesitate ordering from this store again.

Get them while you can

Got these to keep my knees warm during strongman training-I’ve had my knee rebuilt twice and it’s susceptible to pain! I already have various 5, 7 and 9mm sleeves, and a set of the newer gen ‘competition’ grade, super stiff neoprene (AMAZING but not great for moving around in).
These are the best all rounders. Great compression, SUPERB warmth, and reversible. Size guide is bang on. I see Frank Daddy is no longer manufacturing, so grab them before they are gone forever, these would be easily worth it at double the price.

Finally a belt that works!

Over the years I've tried different belts for deadlifts and always had an issue with having sufficient support and still being able to get into position. This belt solved that!

Due to its thinner thickness and adjustability I can now lift with the support I need as the weights get higher!

DropZero Barefoot Trainer Shoes

Bought as a gift, went down very well. Now worn daily. Excellent quality. Very comfortable. Tip - Do use the size guide, there not like regular shoes.

Just love it! Good quality and nice prints.

Great product

Exactly what I was looking for - great product great service

Great Shoes / even better service and choice

Firstly the shoes are great, if you like a Nike Metcon but want something a little more comfy for day to day as well. These shoes are ace. Unique design as well so in my opinion, the look cool and standout. I’m using them from everything from squats to farmers walk and they are sturdy and more than up to the task. 9 for 9, i only discovered them on my search for a U.K. TYR retailer, but i’ve now bought 3 pairs of shoes and a selection of kinda fit apparel, top service, personal and where possible i will
continue to support this U.K. company. We all need to if we want access to a better selection of brands in U.K.

KFKF Big Fat Sleepy sticker

What can I say....a really fun sticker that now proudly adorns my work laptop. My daughter loves Pokemon, and I love kettlebells, so this was a no brainer. Postage was a little steep but I have nothing bad to say about 9for9.

Love it!

I'm a little worried, my t shirt collection is slowly becoming only kinda fit kinda fat!

The quality and cut of the t shirts are great!

Throw in the fantastic customer service, it's hard for me to resist picking up more.


Ive used dowins for an age, wanted to upgrade and was attracted by the wide toe box. These shoes are light, comfortable and stable. The heel height is perfect , I can get them nice and tight but by the end of a session, im still comfortable. I took advice and went fully one size up which is just right. Customer service is, as always, excellent

Excellent service

Fast service! Great communication throughout. Highly recommended.

I Love Stickers!!!

Great design and I love it!

Kinda Fit Kinda Fat Thicquila Tee (Red)

Absolutely love the products
Will be buying more
Emma thank you for the message ♥️

Love TYR Lifters and Fantastic service too.

I bought the L1 Squat University TYR lifters. I'm so happy with them. Had to go up half size which is perfect fit. They are comfortable in the toe box as wide enough to spread out toes and snug enough without being too tight. I had the best service and advice too. Prompt delivery. I wil be returning customer for sure. Highly recommend TYR and 9 for 9.

Absolutely love these t shirts. Slightly pricey but I do keep coming back.
One slight bug bare though, they do go bobbley quite quickly.

A Must

If like me you’re sick of bloody shins or bad form from trying not to get bloody shins, these are a must, comfy and do exactly what you want them to do!

A plus

Love the Junk brand and 9for9 service is brilliant. I keep coming back for more and I know it is safe, supporting small business, and quick.

Pioneer Cut Powerlifting Belt – 10mm/13mm thick – 3"/4" wide (Treated Leather)

Best belt

Great product I definitely recommend People buy this belt I personally think for it quality and price it the best belt you can get really happy outstanding product

Quick delivery

Very happy with my order, quick delivery and the items ordered were out of stock on the offices website so very happy to find it here

An incredible belt

I picked up this 4"/13mm belt last month to help prep for a competition later this year. Since getting it I have breezed through my heavy lifts - the amount of confidence this belt gives me is amazing.

Having the double line of holes is mega useful as it lets me customise exactly how tight I want to wear it, and I've never found myself wishing for anything different.

Emma was super friendly and helpful, aiding me when I wasn't sure which size to get. Thanks 9for9!

Excellent Company and Customer Service

T-Shirt is great quality.

Had a great experience with 9for9, had a delivery issue but they were quick to respond and chase down the problem. Excellent.


I LOVE this hoodie. So comfy, well finished and great quality material, loving the logo too. Washes well and dries quickly. I wish there were more like this I could buy!