We feel strongly about leaving the planet in a better place than how we found it. So we take our impact upon the environment very seriously. We always remind ourselves of the vastness of space and the cosmos and bring into focus that we live on one little blue planet, Earth. One tiny blue dot. It is the only place we can currently call home and we need to look after it.

Our goal is to eventually be carbon negative - that is to take our carbon footprint beyond neutral with us actually removing carbon from the atmosphere. We will also give to environmental projects through our philanthropic efforts.

We know we have a long way to go but here is what we are currently doing:

  • The energy used for our office is from 100% renewable sources.
  • We plant three oak trees every month in collaboration with The National Forest.
  • All of our cardboard boxes are made with recycled material, we use paper internal packing material and paper gum tape. Yes you can recycle the whole box in one!
  • We use recycled paper throughout our company.
  • We minimise the use of plastic anywhere else in our company.
  • We recycle as much of our warehouse waste as possible - if we are putting something in the bin we always check to see if it can go in our recycle bin!
  • When you opt for delivery via DHL Express it will be sent via their GoGreen programme so your delivery will then be carbon neutral.

What we plan to do going forward:

  • We are exploring ways to move our warehouse energy to being 100% renewable (there are some barriers at this moment in time)
  • We plan to offset the carbon being produced by our brands (in addition to any efforts they may make themselves)
  • We are planning on changing our mailing bags to a compostable non-plastic type.
  • We plan to offset the carbon produced when product is shipped to us from our brands and when product is shipped from us to you.
  • When they are needed in our business we will implement electric vehicles which will be charged using renewable energy.

As a company grows it can have an increasingly negative impact upon the environment (principally more carbon and more waste). Rather than turning a blind eye and doing nothing or even just doing the minimum, as we grow we plan to do more to help the environment.

Thanks so much for your interest in what we are doing with regards to the environment.

Darren & Emma