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Although the SABO Deadlift and SABO Deadlift PRO are great and many people use them for all three lifts the SABO Goodlift is superior as a shoe for all three lifts in our opinion. This is primarily due to the wider and more stable sole with the SABO Goodlift. For squat, the SABO Deadlift sole tapers in the middle section and is a bit higher than the rest of the sole (if you look at the pictures you can see it is actually made with two contact patches; one at the front and one at the back) and this can cause some instability when in the hole of the squat for some people. The SABO Deadlift PRO is superior since the sole is flat and level from front to back. But the SABO Goodlift is superior further still; you will find it far more stable for squats. The only caveat to this is if you pull sumo for deadlift. The SABO Deadlift is superior to the SABO Goodlift in every way for that type of lift. So assuming you pull conventional then we would recommend the SABO Goodlift. If you do pull sumo then we think SABO Deadlift PRO is the best option if you only want one pair of shoes.

Sure we can help! So the first thing to note with SABO shoes is that all of the shoes are Russian sizing (except the SABO Deadlift PRO which is Euro sizing). To work out the Russian size you will need it is best to measure your feet. Please see our size guide for instructions. If you are unsure of which size to choose after measuring then please contact us letting us know your measurement along with the shoe size you wear (let us know if that is different for different shoes).

The SABO Weightlift and SABO Powerlift are similar. The SABO Weightlift has a single metatarsal strap and is more flexible in the forefoot. This makes this shoe superior for Olympic weightlifting. The SABO Powerlift has dual opposing metatarsal straps and is less flexible in the forefoot. This makes it superior for back squats and less dynamic lifts like snatches.

We would recommend the SABO Goodlift. This shoe is also great for other lifts including deadlifts. However if you pull sumo when deadlifting you should consider the SABO Deadlift PRO.

The only thing to bear in with the SABO Goodlift is that it is made with thick leather so requires some breaking in. If you prefer a softer shoe then opt for SABO Deadlift PRO.


With regards to choosing between a 3” and 4” wide belt this very much depends upon the person. For shorter people and those with shorter torsos a 4” belt can restrict the starting position in the deadlift. It can also pinch or dig into your ribs in the bottom of a squat.

If you have managed to try a 4" belt and you find that it does not hinder you in any way then you should opt for that. If you have not been able to try a 4" wide belt and are unsure as to which you should try then please contact us and let us know your height and bodyweight.

Yes all Pioneer belts and levers are guaranteed for life (excludes general wear and tear). Full details can be found on our warranties page.


Yes, the Brute Belt comes with a LIFETIME guarantee. If the belt rips or breaks for any reason, we will replace the belt or the necessary part free of charge.

If the Brute Belt isn't the most comfortable, versatile dip belt on the planet, or it simply wasn't what you were looking for, return it for within 60 days for a refund.

The Brute Belt is built-to-last and hold up to the toughest workouts. The belt is made entirely of military-grade materials. This includes the main fabric of 1000D Ballistic Nylon, 1.75” 17337 Mil-Spec Nylon Webbing (7,000 lb tensile strength), 1” tubular nylon loops/adjustable strap (4,000 lb tensile strength), 1.75” Locking V-Ring Steel Forged Buckle (2,000 lb tensile strength), 3” Steel Forged Carabiners (700 lbs tensile strength), and 1” metal mini-cam buckles (600 lbs tensile strength).

The Brute Belt was designed and constructed with quality and durability in mind. The belt can hold 270 lbs (six 45 lb plates) with ease. Refer to the tensile strengths of individual materials listed in Question #13 above. Note that the belt has not been tested above 270 lbs and anything beyond this amount will be at your own risk!

No. Unlike a traditional dip belt, the Brute Belt adjusts around your waist and thus is based on your waist size. The belt comes in 3 sizes: Small (28" - 33"), Medium (33" - 38"), and Large (38"-43").

To determine the correct size belt, measure your waist at your navel with a tape measure. Take the measurement over your normal gym clothing and pull the tape measure so it is snug. Do not go by your trouser size. If your waist falls between the 2 sizes, we would recommend purchasing the larger of the two sizes unless you are planning on losing weight.

The Brute Belt can be tightened using the rigger buckle. Just feed the belt strap through the first opening in the buckle, and then back through the second opening in the buckle. Pull the belt strap to tighten. The buckle is designed to keep the belt snug against your waist during the exercise and will not loosen until you feed the strap back through the second opening.

No. After a set, you can unclip the adjustable strap and weights with the 2 carabiners, keeping the belt around your waist. When you are ready for the next set, just clip the strap and weights back to the belt, and you're ready to go.

During development Brute Belt recognised 4 major problems with traditional dip belts that which they solved. 

Versatility – Traditional dip belts can only be used for a limited number of exercises (pull-ups, dips, chin-ups, etc.). With the 8 loops (including buckle) located around the Brute Belt, it can be used to increase the resistance for a wide range of exercises including squats, split squats, rack chins, planks, and much more!

Comfort – Traditional dip belts are uncomfortable, pinch skin, and often dig into the user’s waist with no padding. They also don’t tighten around the waist relying the user’s hips to hold the weight up. The Brute Belt has built-in padding with a custom non-slip grip and can be tightened around the user’s waist to remain comfortable and stable throughout the entire exercise. We think you’ll agree that the Brute Belt is one of the most comfortable exercise belts on the planet. 

Quality – If you’re like us, you’ve snapped chains and clips, and torn fabric on your dip belts in the past. Some dips belts can only hold a maximum weight of 50 lbs. The Brute Belt is made of quality military-grade materials and is designed to last. The belt can hold 270 lbs (six 45 lb plates) with ease. 

Adjustability – Traditional dip belt chains are either too short or too long. The Brute Belt features a fully-adjustable strap that can be as short as 1.5 feet and as long as 3 feet in seconds. Whether you are working with a 10-lb plate or four 45-lb plates, the Brute Belt allows you to adjust the strap so the weights hang exactly where you want them.

They also don’t tighten around the waist relying the user’s hips to hold the weight up. The Brute Belt has built-in padding with a custom non-slip grip and can be tightened around the user’s waist to remain comfortable and stable throughout the entire exercise.

The Brute Belt is padded and does offer lower back support when tightened. Many of our customers detach the strap and use the belt for extra lower back support during exercises like barbell rows, Romanian deadlifts, T-bar rows, and curls. The belt is not intended or designed to be used as a squat belt.

Yes. The only difference is that when you use the Brute Belt, you place the belt around your waist and tighten it, and then feed the strap through the weight and clip to the loops on the belt. Dumbbell weights are even easier to add.

The adjustable strap is tubular nylon with 2 loops at each end which are fed through metal cam buckles (600 lb. strength). Just push on the cam buckle and pull to adjust the length of the strap in seconds. The cams are designed for nylon fabric and will not slip during the exercise.

With the 8 loops and the adjustable strap, the Brute Belt can be used for a wide range of exercises for almost every body part.

The Brute Belt should fit snug, but not tight, against your waist. The belt should be snug enough so it doesn't slide over your hips or move during the exercise.

The Brute Belt including the adjustable strap weighs just over 1 pound (approx. 0.5kg).

Yes, since the Brute Belt is all fabric, it takes up minimal space in your gym bag or luggage. If space is a concern, the belt can be rolled up to the size of a softball. 

We recommend hand washing in the sink with a mild detergent (such as a laundry wash for delicates, hand-washing etc.) and gently scrubbing with a soft, plastic bristle brush. The belt should then be rinsed thoroughly to remove any detergent and left to air dry.

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