Size guide


Instructions and video below on how to measure for your belt size. Learn the correct way to measure your waist size for your belt.

  1. Use of a pliable or seamstress tape is preferred.
  2. Measure around your waist, about 4 inches above where your trousers/shorts are. *Do not “suck in”, measure in a relaxed state, then pull the measuring tape tight. Use this tight measurement to choose your correct belt size.
  3. Take that measurement and use the size guide on the belt you are interested in ordering.
    • X-Small- 22″-31″
    • Small- 27″- 36″
    • Medium- 31″-40″
    • Large- 35″-44″
    • X-Large- 39″-48″
    • XX-Large- 43″-52″
    • XXX-Large- 47″-56″

If you have any doubt to your belt size, please contact us as we will be more than happy to help.


All SABO shoes come in Russian sizes (34 - 47 depending on the model). Please see below the approximate shoe size conversions along with the internal metric length of the shoe. The Russian to UK/EU conversions are approximations and only offer a rough guide for sizing; we highly recommend measuring your feet to double check your size requirement (please see below guide).

Please note the new model of Deadlift size a bit tighter than the older model. You should not need to size up unless you are perhaps on the limit of one size; but when checking your sizing with our guide please bear this in mind. Feel free to contact us if you need any help or advice.



The internal metric length of the shoe as displayed in the table above is measured from the heel to the end toe tip (excluding lining and inner sole).

Measuring your feet for sizing

The UK/EU conversion in the table above is not 100% accurate for everyone so we highly recommend measuring your feet to check which Russian shoe size to choose. To do this you simply need to measure the length of your feet from heel to toe. We recommend doing this at the end of the day when the feet are at their largest. It is also best to wear the socks you plan to wear with the shoes (thicker socks that you may wear for deadlifts for example can alter the measurement enough to have an impact on which size you may require). The most accurate measurement will be achieved when standing while the foot is under compression so if possible get someone to assist with marking while you stand.

You need a piece of paper, a pencil and a ruler.

Draw a straight line on the paper. The line should be longer than your foot.

Place the paper on a flat hard surface (a hard tiled or lino floor in the kitchen is ideal) 

Place your foot on the paper - with your heel and longest toe centered on the line. We recommend standing as this will spread your foot out for a more accurate measurement.

Draw a mark at the tip of your toe and the back of your heel.

Measure both feet and use the length of the largest foot.

Take a ruler and measure the distance between the marks.

Add 5 milimetres to measurement.

Find your corresponding size in the table above next to your total measurement in millimetres.