We designed WODROD because we were tired of athletes tearing and complaining about how rough their hands were. The WODROD was invented because we were not satisfied with the results from anything available on the market.

The abrasive paper is peeling back slightly, is this normal?

Yes, simply press the abrasive back down and sand away.

How often should I use WODROD?

Use WODROD on a daily basis before and after working out. If I use WODROD, is there a guarantee I will not tear my hands? Using WODROD does not guarantee you will not tear your hands during a strenuous workout, however we are confident that if you use WODROD, you will have smooth hands and experience fewer instances of hand tearing as a result.

I love to workout, but hate how rough my hands are. Will WODROD fix this?

Yes! WODROD will expertly sand calluses, leaving you with soft, smooth hands on a daily basis.

How big is WODROD?

At 11” long by 1” wide, WODROD is compact, making it something you can easily throw into your gym bag. WODROD is made out of aluminium so it is lightweight, yet extremely durable.

How often do I need to change the abrasive?

This is truly a decision that is up to the user. Obviously, fresh abrasive works better than well-worn, however competitive athletes who have tested our abrasive have reported changing it out an average of once per month.

Should I use WODROD on blisters?

No. Using WODROD on blisters or open wounds is not recommended.

Why should I buy WODROD over other products on the market?

Nothing on the market holds a candle to the patent-pending, proprietary design of WODROD. Not to mention, WODROD’s barbell-inspired design gives it a cool factor that exemplifies strength. Unlike a standard hair brush-shaped pumice stone, WODROD is something you will want to pull out of your gym bag.

How do I clean WODROD?

We recommend using mild dishwashing detergent or wiping WODROD down with rubbing alcohol to keep it clean.