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  • Barbell Bands Men's "Blaze Orange" Silicone Ring - 9 for 9
  • Barbell Bands Men's "Blaze Orange" Silicone Ring - 9 for 9
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Barbell Bands

Barbell Bands Men's "Blaze Orange" Silicone Ring

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  • Custom moulded 100% medical grade silicone
  • Offers flexibility and comfort with activity
  • Holds shape over time
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 8.7mm wide and over 2mm thick

Size guide:

Measuring is best done with assistance. Cut a small strip of paper 5mm wide by 100mm long. Hold out the finger to be measured, get your helper to wrap the piece of paper around your finger where the ring would be and then pull the paper tight. Be careful as to avoid paper cuts! With the strip of paper pulled tight, mark off where the paper intersects. Measure from the edge of the strip of paper to your mark in mm and check against the internal circumference in the table below. Then choose the ring size you need.

Barbell Bands hold shape and stay true to size over time.

US Ring Size  UK Ring Size


8 P ½ - Q 18.1 56.9
9 R ½ 18.9 59.5
10 T ½ - U 19.8 62.1
11 V ½ 20.6 64.6
12 X ½ - Y 21.4 67.2
13 Z ½ 22.2 69.7
14 Z3 23 72.3
15 Z4 23.8 74.8

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Debbie S.

Just what hubby wanted ! Will definitely get another

Thanks for your review Debbie. We hope that your husband enjoys the Barbell Band. Best wishes.

Great fit

Ideal ring I haven’t worn a wedding ring for 10 years two days after wearing a Barbell Band I forgot I had it on. As always the customer service was excellent and the sweets just add an extra touch.

Great to hear that you like wearing your Barbell Band Chris. Thanks for leaving a review. We are also pleased that you have been happy with our customer service. It is very important to us.