Doughnuts & Deadlifts DOUGHlivery Club - T-shirt of the Month (delivers May) - 9 for 9

Doughnuts & Deadlifts DOUGHlivery Club - T-shirt of the Month (delivers May)

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Doughlivery Club - T-shirt of the Month

In collaboration with Doughnuts & Deadlifts we are excited to bring you DOUGHLIVERY CLUB! Each month, we will surprise you with a totally exclusive Doughnuts & Deadlifts t-shirt that no one will ever be able to get anywhere else.

It gets better though. In addition to your monthly t-shirt delivered straight to your door, you will also receive a matching sticker!

How it works:

Once you have signed up by making your initial purchase (£30.00 plus shipping if applicable) you will receive an order confirmation. Your first Doughlivery will follow in April if ordered by Wednesday 15th April. You will then receive an email with a link to make a payment securely on our website every month thereafter (on or around the 10th) to pay for next month's tee. So if you signed up on or before 15th April your next payment would be 10th May for June's tee. The payment will need to be made by the 15th to ensure you are included in the next month's Doughlivery (any payments received after the 15th will NOT be included in that month's Doughlivery but will automatically be included in the following month). Unfortunately, there are no exceptions to this rule.

There is a 3-month minimum subscription commitment, after which there is no obligation — cancel whenever you’d like, no cancellation fees (just email us to let us know you would like to cancel).

Cutoff date:

You MUST sign up by the 15th of the month to get the next month’s Doughlivery. 

NOTE: You must purchase your membership independent from any other purchases, i.e. you cannot have regular apparel or any other items and the Doughlivery Club in your shopping cart at the same time.

NOTE #2: All photos shown here are of past Doughlivery shirts to give you an idea of the types of designs featured; these shirts are not available for purchase.

Size guide:


to fit

31-34" 34-37" 38-41" 42-45" 46-49" 50-53" 54-57"

    Doughlivery Club FAQs

    So, how does it work?

    DNDL create cool & exclusive designs just for Doughlivery Club members. You receive a new exclusive shirt and matching sticker every month that you won't be able to get anywhere else.

    Are the shirts unisex?

    The t-shirt is unisex fit and sizing. The tank will always be a ladies style; the specific style will vary and rotate (racer tank, racer crop, muscle tank and more).

    I don't live in the UK. Can I subscribe?

    Yes! We ship worldwide. Please note: if you are located outside the European Union you may be charged import fees. Please familiarise yourself with the import charges your country may impose.

    When and how will my Doughlivery be shipped?

    We aim to ship Doughlivery orders within the first 10 days of the month (subject to customs clearance - on rare occasions this can delay deliveries from DNDL). Note this is the month after you are charged.

    Is there any way I can get my hands on a past month's shirt?!

    Sorry friend, but no can do. Each month's shirt is exclusive and ONLY produced for those who are signed up for Doughlivery Club at that time. 

    Do we get to see the designs ahead of time?

    No way! It's a surprise for you to find out only once it's in your hands.

    When do I need to sign up by to receive the next shirt?

    You must sign up by the 15th of the month to receive the following month's t-shirt. For example, if you sign up by end of the day (23:59 GMT) on 15th July, you'll receive the August shirt. If you sign up on or after 16th July, you won't receive a Doughlivery until September.

    This is because Doughlivery operates like a pre-order. After that mid-month deadline, shirts go into production and Doughnuts & Deadlifts create just enough for those who have signed up in time. Production and shipping takes a few weeks, which is why you have to sign up in the previous month for the current month's shirt.

    Can I change my subscription details?

    Yes! You can change your shipping address, your t-shirt size, and more by emailing us with the details you wish to change and we can do that for you. Note that you must make changes by the 15th of the month in order for the change to go in effect in time for the following month.

    I don't like this month's shirt - can I return it?

    No can do. Doughlivery Club shirts are made especially for you, the current members, so purchases are final sale.

    I love you guys, but how do I cancel?

    After the 3 month minimum subscription period is up, you can cancel your Doughlivery Club membership at any time by emailing us at No questions asked, no cancellation fees, and we will still love you.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews
      Comfy as hell, and looks amazing

      It's a great, lightweight t shirt that fits 6ft/116kg lifter, in an XL without ballooning over me or being skin tight

      Amazing purchase

      I just got the first doughlivery and I absolutely love it!! Definitely wearing it in my next gym sesh 💪

      Thanks for your review and being a doughlivery member Natasha! We look forward to sending you more doughliveries in the future.

      great shirt for a workout! got a lot of compliments from people on the design's

      Thanks for your review Wouter. Thanks for being a doughlivery member. Enjoy your tee!

      Doughlivery day is the best day! Love getting a different design every month!!

      We totally agree... Doughlivery days are the best! Thanks again.

      Doughnuts & Deadlifts DOUGHlivery Club - T-shirt of the Month (delivers December)


      This company is awesome!not only do they provide awesome apparel and accessories but their customer service is 100% nothing is too much trouble. They have been so accommodating with any request!keep up the good work guys! 💪🏼

      First time buyer

      Omg...I'm in love ...cant wait to go training now to show off my exclusive t-shirt...❤❤❤