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  • Frank Daddy Choker Knee Wraps - 9 for 9
  • Frank Daddy Choker Knee Wraps - 9 for 9
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Frank Daddy

Frank Daddy Choker Knee Wraps

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Frank Daddy Choker Knee Wraps by Pioneer Fitness
  • These wraps come in three different lengths – 2m, 2.5m and 3m
  • Thick and solid elastic
  • Approximately 5% more stretch than the Pioneer Phantom Knee Wraps (estimated 113% stretch)
  • Stripes offer a visual guide when wrapping
  • 3" wide
  • 100% Made in the USA by Pioneer Fitness

Sold in pairs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Stiff as! In a good way :)

Takes a few sessions to break in, stiff as but have a good amount of stretch so can really crank them down by yourself giving a solid cast and lots of rebound! Top notch service from 9 for 9 as usual!

Better than Sig gold's

There is more pop out the hole that Sig's and feel better with a slower decent

Adam H.
The more I use them the more I love them

So I’m new to powerlifting but have been training for a few years I have always used wraps for my heaviest leg press sets and the occasions when I did squat. My previous wraps were a different but reputable brand again they were a good combination of stopping power and rebound but now I’m intent on competing in powerlifting I wanted to upgrade. After a lot of research I settled on these knowing they would be what I want for a comp. First impressions I could immediately see the quality and knew they were in a different league. Im not the most adept at wrapping my own knees and i was fully aware these would not be fun to break in. The first time I used them I was very sore the next day I’m about 6 sessions in with them and able to get them tighter and they are becoming more forgiving the self wrapping was harder than the squatting! The more I use them the more I love them and I’m very confident they will help me reach my full potential when I am ready to step on a platform the pop out of the hole actually shocked me at first using a lighter weight felt like I had been kicked in the butt
As always impeccable and personal service from 9 for 9 will be a customer for life

Keith E.
Awesome product

The 9by 9 are taking my squat from 250kg to 300kg thank you guys

Many thanks for leaving a review Keith. That is awesome, congratulations!

Aidan O.

First i got the lilliebridge wraps and loved them, easy to self wrap, great rebound and ok stopping power then i got the strangulators and wasnt able to get much out of them from self wrapping (great if you have someone to wrap you) and found them quite uncomfortable but with great strength and stopping power and now i have the chokers, they are the perfect balance between the two, more rebound than the lilliebridges and almost as much stopping power as the strangulators, the "pop out of the hole" with these is the best ive felt from any wrap of any brand (have inzer black beauties, inzer iron Z, strength shop zeus (terrible wraps) and titan titaniums) the FD chokers are hands down my favourite especially to self wrap with, bear in mind breaking these in will be torture especially if you haven't used wraps in a while, i had been training in sleeves only for a while and they left my knees black and blue while breaking them in, once broken in are somewhat comfortable especially for a heavy duty wrap

Thanks for your comprehensive review Aidan - we appreciate you taking the time to write it. We are so pleased that you like the wraps. We hope you enjoy many years of lifting in them. We wish you happy lifting!

Bradley N.
Frank daddy knee wraps

Brilliant knee wrap great cast round the knee loads of rebound out of the hold, stiff but with a good amount of stretch to crank them round your knee 100% reccomend these wraps

We appreciate you leaving a review Bradley. It is great to hear that you would recommend the wraps. Happy lifting!

Stephen M.
Give yourself a choke

After some asking around I decided to give these a try and was so glad I did, I was after a wrap that could wrap as well as sig golds but with more and these delivered just that. Awesome wraps and awesome customer service

Many thanks for your review Stephen. We are so pleased that you like your wraps and also that you have been happy with our customer service.

Witold W.
Frank Daddy Choker Wraps

Very good product. Solid wraps with a lot of rebound. Still need few more sessions to get max out of them but I'm very pleased with this purchase.
In few weeks I have big competition so I'll have a chance to try knee and wrist wraps in real battle 💪
Shipping very fast (5days to Ireland).
Thank you 9for9, Pioneer and Frank Daddy 😃

Many thanks for your review Witold. We hope that the wraps worked well for you in your competition and have assisted with some new PBs.

Marta R.

The best material in wraps I’ve seen, the perfect combination of casting and rebound, love them!

Thanks for your review Marta - we appreciate it. So pleased that you love the Frank Daddy Choker Knee Wraps. Happy lifting!

Neil s.
Choker 3m wraps

Great wrap full of stopping power. Good for equipped lifting.
Exceptional customer service.

Thank you for your review Neil. We are pleased that you like your Frank Daddy knee wraps and that you have been happy with our customer service. Happy lifting!