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Lilliebridge Knee Wraps by Pioneer Fitness

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The Lilliebridge Knee Wraps by Pioneer took months of preparation and consultation with the Lilliebridge family to bring to the market. They were designed with functionality, strength, and support in mind to provide the best wrap available.

These wraps are thick, strong, yet comfortable enough to use if you are a novice lifter or a world record holder. The aspect you will notice with these knee wraps is the rebound. For Raw lifters, this is essential for speed out of the hole and these provide LOTS of it! Pioneer is confident that these wraps will give you the support you need to set PR’s time and time again. Everything from the label to the elastic is 100% made in the USA. Pioneer made a point to source all of their raw materials in the states and they are cut, sewn, produced and packaged by General Leathercraft Mfg. in Coleman, Texas.

  • Great all-round wrap that can be used by novices to world-record holders
  • Thick, strong and supportive wrap provides you with supreme levels of support
  • Soft texture and finish provides superior comfort to Phantoms, Chokers, Commanders or Silver Beast which have a more abrasive finish


  • These wraps come in three different lengths – 2m, 2.5m and 3m
  • Revolutionary design
  • Surged 4 times on the ends to ensure durability
  • Made in the USA PVC label with hole insert to help finish the wrap with a shoelace if you would like
  • 100% Made in the USA

Sold in pairs.

Pioneer Wrap Comparison

Eric Lilliebridge Knee Wrap Tutorial

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Customer Reviews

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These are the best knee wraps you can buy

I have tried maybe 12 different types of knee wraps, maybe more, and these are by far the best I have used. How they manage to give so much rebound while also being very supportive and casting up like a much stiffer wrap I don’t know. Pioneer have nailed it with these. I squat over 300kg but I think they would be comfortable enough for a beginner too.
Highly highly recommend.

Lilliebridge wraps are the best out there!

Absolutely love these wraps. They are comfortable as far as wraps go and have given me a new raw PB. Great service from 9for9.

Great all-round knee wrap!

These wraps have a tonne of stretch and if cranked tightly enough can give a cast-like feel. Perfect for self wrappers as they are not too stiff and the material is fairly soft. Depending on how you wrap them they could be applied to any training scenario, whether higher reps or singles.

Thank you very much for taking the time to submit a review Henry. We are glad that you like the wraps. We hope they help you hit some big PBs. We wish you all the very best with your training.
Lilliebridge wraps

Amazing wraps, head and shoulders above any other wrap I've used to far!

Lillebridge 3m pioneer knee wraps

I got some lillebridge wraps (3m) off you guys a little while back and I cant rate them highly enough, they are comfortable and offer the support youd expect from a high quality supplier that is pioneer. Definitely would be buying these again in future.. fantastic service and speedy delivery from you guys. Amazing!! 10/10

Lilliebridge Knee Wraps 3m

Hi Darren and Emma,

Really happy with the new Lilliebridge Wraps i got from you guys. I am going to be using them for Slingshot Record breakers out in California in November! Like the site because it has some good powerlifting stuff on there and that is more difficult to come across in the UK. I will buy again whenever i next need something

Thank you and all the best,


Comfort and potency

They feel super soft on the skin but really send you flying out of the hole. 5/5 👌🏼

Favourite wraps

I've been using the 3m for a while now and they are my favourite wrap by a mile. these wraps have bags of rebound whilst still giving you plenty of stopping power as you approach depth. Also I find these wraps easy to crank tight when self wrapping when pre rolled. Still doable when not pre rolled just awkward because these are quite stretchy.

Little bridge knee wraps

They are the best wraps I have ever worn if you stuggle coming out the hole in the squat these will help alot ,,,if you are using them to compete have someone there that knows how to wrap knees these are very tough and bring someone with you to wrap your knees I promise these are very hard to wrap around super tight


Lilliebridge Knee Wraps by Pioneer Fitness

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