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Obsidian Hype Dust Menthol

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Hype Dust™ Menthol has been carefully developed to replicate the strength and consistency of ampule-style smelling salts that everyone knows and loves. Every bottle is produced in small batches to ensure quality and 100% ANHYDROUS with absolutely NO WATER REQUIRED. EVER!

Hype Dust replaces Obsidian Menthol (for all you Original formula fans out there) - Hype Dust Menthol uses the same formula but comes in a bigger bottle with a new metal cap. For those not familiar with Obsidian Menthol we have included the reviews to give you an idea of the performance of this new Hype Dust Menthol (just bear in mind that it is even better!).


While Obsidian is pre-activated and ready to go on delivery with no need to add water, an unopened bottle will remain fresh and potent until you finally open it. Once opened Obsidian will pull moisture from the environment to keep things spicy for up to six months.

No liquids to spill, no water to add, just good sniffs and heavy lifts.


Nothing is worse than buying a new bottle of ammonia only to find out that it's gone flat after only a few weeks. That's why we used high-grade materials and a dash of science to formulate the longest-lasting smelling salts on the market, bar-none.


The potency of Obsidian will be affected by cold temperatures. This is an unavoidable characteristic of the materials used and is common among non-liquid smelling salt.

Optimal performance can be obtained at room temperature (20°C/73°F)


If your bottle has lost potency you may be able to squeeze some more life out of it by warming it up to reactivate the production of ammonia.  

You can gently warm your bottle in hot water (90-100 C) for a few minutes, or toss it in the microwave on high for 8-10 seconds.  Your mileage may vary.

Manufactured with pride in London, Ontario, Canada

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
naveen g.
PB crusher

Helped me hit a new PB on my deadlifts. Combined with my pioneer belt and some pre-workout and you feel in the zone. Wanted an introduction to smelling salts so didn't want to start with someone that would destroy me but still strong enough to make a difference. Don't take a huge whiff if its your first time, I just liked to hover it around and a few short inhales!

Judith M.
Back in. Stock

Waited a while for this Dan used it in last comp great. All good as usual.

Thanks for your review Judith. Hope the comp went well. Thanks as ever for you continued support - we appreciate it.

Phil D.
The Gateway Drug?

My first experience of smelling salts so I started cautiously. Delivers exactly what I hoped for: wide awake, focused, ready to go, but not over-hyped. Could be the gateway drug for something stronger next time.

Thanks for your review Phil. Pleased to hear that you like the Obsidian Menthol smelling salts. If you want to try something stronger try Obsidian Ultra Menthol (or Ultra / Saiyan Salts if you do not want the menthol scent). Happy lifting!

Emil S.


Thanks for your review Emil. We hope that the Obsidian Menthol smelling salts will help you with some PBs. Happy lifting!

Isaak H.
Obsidian Menthol

Being my first smelling salt, this shit hits hard tbh. Tried it before several PRs and i deffs works like it has to! Good quality and amazing service.

Thanks for your review Isaak. When you are ready to try something stronger check out Obsidian Ultra Menthol! Happy lifting.

Obsidian Menthol

Decided to try these menthol salts as a change from the normal 'burn your face off' ammonia salts. Been using a couple of times per week since Feb and they've still got some kick - but with more pleasant menthol overtones. Great service, as always, from 9 for 9.

Thanks for your review! Enjoy your Obsidian smelling salts. We wish you all the best with your training.

Danny H.
Good introduction to smelling salts

Bought for my daughter to try. Their not to potent but enough of a kick and a nice menthol after smell. Definitely done the trick and helped with deadlifting

Thanks for your review Danny. So pleased that the Obsidan smelling salts helped your daughter with her deadlifts!

Wayne S.

Fantastic company. Goods made it to my doorstep almost immediately. Came with a handwritten note and a packet of sweets which was a really nice touch. Customer service was excellent too when I enquired about a product

Thanks for your review Wayne. We are delighted that you were happy with the service we provided. It is so important to us that you have a great experience with us. Hope the Obsidian smelling salts help with some big lifts!

Charlie E.
Smelling Salts that don’t let you down!

Really good lasting kick, which doesn’t make you feel like your eyes are bleeding! Great success

Thanks for your review Charlie. We are so pleased to hear that you like the Obisian Menthol smelling salts. Hope they help with some PBs!

G J.
Smelling salts

The obsidian menthol ammonia smelling salts are really good , the company and Emma and Darren are very helpful and put customer’s satisfaction first , thanks .

Thanks for your review - we really appreciate it. We hope you enjoy your Obsidian smelling salts and they help with some big lifts. Happy training!