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Obsidian Hype Dust Menthol

Obsidian Hype Dust Menthol

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Hype Dust™ Menthol has been carefully developed to replicate the strength and consistency of ampule-style smelling salts that everyone knows and loves. Every bottle is produced in small batches to ensure quality and 100% ANHYDROUS with absolutely NO WATER REQUIRED. EVER!

Hype Dust replaces Obsidian Menthol (for all you Original formula fans out there) - Hype Dust Menthol uses the same formula but comes in a bigger bottle with a new metal cap. For those not familiar with Obsidian Menthol we have included the reviews to give you an idea of the performance of this new Hype Dust Menthol (just bear in mind that it is even better!).


While Obsidian is pre-activated and ready to go on delivery with no need to add water, an unopened bottle will remain fresh and potent until you finally open it. Once opened Obsidian will pull moisture from the environment to keep things spicy for up to six months.

No liquids to spill, no water to add, just good sniffs and heavy lifts.


Nothing is worse than buying a new bottle of ammonia only to find out that it's gone flat after only a few weeks. That's why we used high-grade materials and a dash of science to formulate the longest-lasting smelling salts on the market, bar-none.


The potency of Obsidian will be affected by cold temperatures. This is an unavoidable characteristic of the materials used and is common among non-liquid smelling salt.

Optimal performance can be obtained at room temperature (20°C/73°F)


If your bottle has lost potency you may be able to squeeze some more life out of it by warming it up to reactivate the production of ammonia.  

You can gently warm your bottle in hot water (90-100 C) for a few minutes, or toss it in the microwave on high for 8-10 seconds.  Your mileage may vary.

Manufactured with pride in London, Ontario, Canada

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Cal L.
Obsidian smelling salt

Package arrived in good nick, no damage whatsoever and the smelling salt is strong

Thanks for your review - we appreciate it. Enjoy your Obsidian Hype Dust Menthol Smelling Salts / Ammonia. If you fancy something stronger next time, give Ultra or Saiyan Salts a try!

Steven P.
Knocked My Socks Off !

This was my first time using Smelling Salts and Hype Dust was suggested as a good start for Beginners. I now keep this in my Garage Gym and use on the days where I need a sudden boost of alertness.

Thanks for your review Steven. Enjoy your Obsidian Hype Dust Menthol smelling salts. All the best.

Excellent Wake-Me-Up

I don't lift, but I do have two young children and work too much. This is great for waking up, lifting the fog and improving focus/ alertness. Works well alongside a strong espresso. Added menthol means they're also good for the myriad colds etc that the kids bring home.

Thanks for your review - we appreciate it! We hope that you enjoy the smelling salts. Wishing you and your family all the best.

Mihael A.
Great Ammonia

This is my main ammonia I use for my top sets currently. Gives perfect mental boost before a lift without being too strong. Me and a couple of friends have used it for a month now ( so a lot of sniffs per workout) and it is still as strong and good as the day I got it! Also love the menthol in it.

Thanks for your review Mihael. We hope you will enjoy your Obsidian Hype Dust Menthol and that it helps with your training.

Won’t compete without them!

The salts give you the perfect hit of focus before a lift, almost like tunnel vision. I wouldn’t use them in training as they are brutal, but makes the effect better when you really need it.

Thanks for your review Sophie. We hope you enjoy the Obsidian Hype Dust Menthol ammonia / smelling salts and it helps some big lifts!

Starter or standard training salts

This is a great smelling salt to start you off! It has a strong enough kick to it but with the menthol you don’t feel like you are going to be sick out of your eyes!!!

Last long enough to make them a good value for money and the menthol is a welcome airway opener! Would recommend

Thanks for your review Lucas. We hope that the Obsidian Hype Dust Menthol smelling salts help with your training. Happy lifting!