Pioneer Adjustable Lever (PAL) - 9 for 9

Pioneer Adjustable Lever (PAL)

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  • 1/2″ tightness settings
  • Interchangeable w/ Non-Pioneer Lever Belts
  • Alleviates the use of a Screw Driver
  • USPA Approved

From Matt at Pioneer:

"The wait is finally over! The patent pending Pioneer Adjustable Lever (PAL) is available NOW! The PAL is a modern play on the existing lever and was designed with the “every half inch matters” mindset. This revolutionary product gives the user the ability to finely tune the tightness (1/2″ settings) to get a perfect fit… ON A LEVER BELT! It also, allows for up to 2″ of adjustments before having to change the tightness of the belts. So if you wear your belt tight for squats and a bit looser for deadlifts and/or bench, this belt will be perfect! If all that doesn’t sound good enough, you can also just purchase a lever and attach it to an existing lever belt. It will retrofit most major brands (if you are unsure if it will fit your existing belt, please reach out) as it uses the same hole dimensions as other lever belts already on the market.

The PAL works best with a STIFF 10mm and/or most 13mm lever belts. I know for sure the PAL will not work with SBD or StrengthShop belts along with any 6.5mm, 8.5mm, or 10mm double suede belts from us. If you have an older Pioneer belt or a different brand of belt, please reach out to us for retrofitting instructions before use. The lever has already been approved by the United States Powerlifting Association HQ, and you should have zero problems in Strongman events. Y’all, this project has been in the works for over two years and I am extremely excited for it to come out and help solve some of the problems the existing belts have had."



The PAL should retrofit fit most major brands of lever belts. You can quickly check to see if it will fit by measuring from the edge your lever belt to the beginning of the holes at the prong receiving end. If the distance is 7/8" or 22mm or less it will fit without any issues. Please see picture here.

If the distance is more than 7/8" or 22mm then you will need to sand or cut down the end of your lever belt or expand the four-prong holes. You can see a video from Matt at Pioneer with tips here.

Please note - At the moment the PAL is only available to purchase separately. If you need a lever belt then please purchase the one you would like and that will come with a standard lever. Then if you would like a PAL please purchase that separately. Eventually, we hope to sell lever belts with PAL as an option but that will not be available any time soon.

Customer Reviews

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David M.

This is a brilliant product. Not only is the tension easily adjustable, but it's much easier to take the belt off at the end of the set - instead of wrestling the prongs out with a standard lever. There was some concern that my 10mm 3" Pioneer belt might buckle slightly under high tension with the PAL (see manufacturer's video). I can report that this has not been the case so far. However, the belt is new so it is possible that will change as the belt ages and the leather softens.

Great adjustable lever

I have a belt which I really like but didn’t fit properly, this belt with the adjustable lever is now perfect. Great product and fast delivery

Thanks for your review Felicity. Enjoy your Pioneer Adjustable Lever. Happy training!

Joseph B.

Amazing, great survive and great product. Will buy my next belt from them

Thanks for your review Joseph. Enjoy your Pioneer Adjustable Lever. We look forward to sending you a Pioneer belt in the future! Happy lifting.

Martin D.

Great quality and a brilliant service

Thanks for your review Martin. Enjoy your Pioneer Adjustable Lever. Happy training!

Dan T.
Pioneer Adjustable Lever

I replaced the original lever on my Pioneer belt with the PAL and it's hands down the best lever on the market. I can adjust the size according to if I'm wearing a deadlift suit, neoprene underbelly or lifting raw without taking it off and moving the main body of the lever.
It's secure and beautifully engineered.
Now I'm a proud owner of the best belt with the best lever that money can buy.

Masters Strongman athlete.

Thanks for your review Dan. Enjoy your Pioneer Adjustable Lever. Happy training!

Ben P.
Excellent product, excellent service!

This is a really high quality lever that is a huge improvement on the standard non-adjustable levers. I like to have my belt at different tightness levels for different lifts, so this is perfect for that. I did have to sand down a couple of the holes on my belt to fit the four-prong piece, though this has not affected the integrity of the belt and the lever feels extremely secure after screwing into place. Also the customer service from 9for9 is excellent, would absolutely buy from here again!

Thanks for your review Ben. Enjoy your Pioneer Adjustable Lever. Happy training!

Dulcie D.
Pioneer Adjustable Lever

The Pioneer Adjustable Lever and has a great design. Enjoy using it as it is quick and convenient to addjust the size of the belt. Must also say that the service was excellent. Thank You Darren and Emma.

Thanks for your review Dulcie. Enjoy your Pioneer Adjustable Lever. Happy training!

Lee W.
The best lever available

The PAL feels very solid and well made. It fits perfectly on my 10mm A7 belt (which is made by Pioneer) and allows for a few inches of adjustment before you will need to move the lever as you would with any non-adjustable one. What arguably makes it better than SBD's lever (aside from being able to fit on most belts) is the fact that it allows you to make half-inch adjustments as opposed to being stuck with full one-inch adjustments. I previously had a prong belt as I greatly dislike the lack of adjustability with traditional levers, but being able to simply flip the lever on and off before and after sets is just brilliant, and admittedly very satisfying to me. It's also just much easier to get a tight fit. Highly recommend the PAL and pioneer belts in general.

Thanks for your review Lee. Enjoy your Pioneer Adjustable Lever. Happy lifting!

Superb lever, fantastic quality, fits cerberus lever belt

I have put this lever buckle on my cerberus lever belt and it fits perfectly.
This buckle is a game changer for any strongman/woman. No need to carry a screwdriver to adjust belt for different evwnts/use of an underbelt anymore. The quality of this buckle has blown me away, it's simply superb.
Customer service from 9for9 is superb, being able to purchase products shipped in the UK without the need to pay import tax is a huge bonus.

Thanks for your Jules. Enjoy your Pioneer Adjustable Lever. Happy training!

Chris K.
Solid, quality lever. Fits RDX leather belts perfectly.

Bought this to replace the default lever on my RDX 10mm powerlifting belt as I prefer a slightly tighter fit on deadlifts than I do on squats. The adjustment this lever allows is perfect.
Fits the belt with no adjustments, sanding, cutting etc needed. Just unscrew the old lever and screw in the new one. It's literally a 2 minute job.
The build quality is great, machined from solid pieces of metal. Even if my belt doesn't last a lifetime, this lever will.

Thanks for your review Chris. Enjoy your Pioneer Adjustable Lever. Happy lifting!