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Pioneer Fitness

Pioneer Adjustable Lever (PAL)

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  • 1/2″ tightness settings
  • Interchangeable w/ Non-Pioneer Lever Belts
  • Alleviates the use of a Screw Driver
  • USPA Approved

From Matt at Pioneer:

"The wait is finally over! The patent pending Pioneer Adjustable Lever (PAL) is available NOW! The PAL is a modern play on the existing lever and was designed with the “every half inch matters” mindset. This revolutionary product gives the user the ability to finely tune the tightness (1/2″ settings) to get a perfect fit… ON A LEVER BELT! It also, allows for up to 2″ of adjustments before having to change the tightness of the belts. So if you wear your belt tight for squats and a bit looser for deadlifts and/or bench, this belt will be perfect! If all that doesn’t sound good enough, you can also just purchase a lever and attach it to an existing lever belt. It will retrofit most major brands (if you are unsure if it will fit your existing belt, please reach out) as it uses the same hole dimensions as other lever belts already on the market.

If you have an older Pioneer belt or a different brand of belt, please reach out to us for retrofitting instructions before use (we have retrofitting guide below too). The lever has already been approved by the United States Powerlifting Association HQ, and you should have zero problems in Strongman events. Y’all, this project has been in the works for over two years and I am extremely excited for it to come out and help solve some of the problems the existing belts have had."

PLEASE NOTE - If you are using this on a softer or more flexible belt like an 8.5mm or 10mm thick suede then we can provide you with a steel leg which stops the belt from buckling. Put a note in the comments if you would like a steel leg.

All PALs currently in stock have the improved riveted centre pin.


Pioneer belts with PAL also available.


The PAL should retrofit fit most major brands of lever belts. You can quickly check to see if it will fit by measuring from the edge your lever belt to the beginning of the holes at the prong receiving end. If the distance is 7/8" or 22mm or less it will fit without any issues. Please see picture here.

If the distance is more than 7/8" or 22mm then you will need to sand or cut down the end of your lever belt or expand the four-prong holes. You can see a video from Matt at Pioneer with tips here.

Please note - Pioneer lever belts come with standard levers so if you would like one of these belts and a PAL, you will need to purchase the PAL in addition separately. There are 10mm and 13mm thick "stock" lever belts available with PAL.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Mr. D.G.
Pioneer Adjustable Lever

I bought this lever as a replacement for a standard pioneer lever on a pioneer belt, consequently it fitted perfectly. My weight doesn’t vary too much but even so I’ve found myself using 2 or 3 of the 1/2 inch variations in fit. I find it really good to get just the right fit and am glad I bought it and it was worth the money for me. The service from 9 for 9 was excellent also- who doesn’t like a little bag of haribo as a surprise with your order ?

Paul T.
Pal lever

Very quick delivery fitted to pioneer belt only took a few minutes very well made item works fantastic so easy to use and so good in work out as you can tighten as you go up in heavier sets game changer
Thanks 9 for 9 every one should have one highly recommend quality engineering

Chloe P.
The ultimate upgrade to any belt!

Looking at the description, I was a bit hesitant to purchase for my strength shop 13mm belt, but decided to risk it as the person which recommended this to me has a very similar belt and it fits well.

I honestly can’t imagine doing any of my lifts without this. Very high quality, and it is so nice to be able to change the tightness based on deadlifts, axle press, squats etc where I tend to like looser etc. which this gives you the option without it taking 5+ minutes. Installation is easy and if you struggle there’s a very descriptive video!

This is definitely worth every penny. You can tell via the packaging and the hand written note how high quality the service is, and how much passion they have towards this - if you are umming and ahhhing on buying this, don’t. Buy it!!

Thanks for your review Chloe. Enjoy your Pioneer Adjustable Lever. Happy training!

James G.
Great service

Not only a great product, which is hard to get hold of in the UK, but the customer service is excellent. I love the personal hand written note, the speed of delivery and the completely biodegradable/ recyclable packaging.
Cannot recommend enough!

Thanks for your review James. Enjoy your Pioneer Adjustable Lever. Happy training!

Josh S.

Fit right onto my 10mm belt no problem, great to have an adjustable belt without the hassle of breaking in a new belt! Came with a lovely hand written note too, great service

Thanks for your review Josh. Enjoy your Pioneer Adjustable Lever. Happy training!

Pioneer PAL Matt Black

Amazing tool and easy to assemble.

Ryan T.
Amazing bucket lol serious quality

I’ll never use any other buckel it’s a real game changer didn’t think it would have this much of an impact but it seriously does, the ability to change the tightness by like 4 inches is great for when your wearing thicker clothes or slightly bloated or lost a little size without having to break out the screwdriver. And the quality of the buckle is insane mega heavy duty incredible craftsmanship ever since fitting it and using at the gym had so many people ask about it

Thanks for your review Ryan. Enjoy your Pioneer Adjustable Lever. Happy lifting!

Pioneer Adjustable Lever (PAL)

Spectacular lever, I have tried lever the following belts: Titan Brahma 13mm, Titan Omega Bench Belt, Inzer Forever Belt 10mm and Inzer Forever Belt 13mm. And it fits perfectly in all belts, no changes had to be made to the belts. I recommend this lever to everyone.

Thanks for your review Manu. Enjoy your Pioneer Adjustable Lever. Happy training!

David M.

This is a brilliant product. Not only is the tension easily adjustable, but it's much easier to take the belt off at the end of the set - instead of wrestling the prongs out with a standard lever. There was some concern that my 10mm 3" Pioneer belt might buckle slightly under high tension with the PAL (see manufacturer's video). I can report that this has not been the case so far. However, the belt is new so it is possible that will change as the belt ages and the leather softens.

Thanks for your review David. Enjoy your Pioneer Adjustable Lever. Happy training!

Great adjustable lever

I have a belt which I really like but didn’t fit properly, this belt with the adjustable lever is now perfect. Great product and fast delivery

Thanks for your review Felicity. Enjoy your Pioneer Adjustable Lever. Happy training!