Pioneer Cut Splatter Belt™ – 10mm thick – 3" / 4" wide – Powerlifting Belt
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Pioneer Cut Splatter Belt™ – 10mm thick – 3" / 4" wide – Powerlifting Belt

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  • XS - 1 x Turquoise + Rose / Fuchsia 10mm 3"
  • Small - 1 x Black / Black 10mm 4", 1 x Red + Blue / Royal Blue 10mm 4", 1 x Turquoise + Rose / Fuchsia 10mm 3" & 1 x Turquoise + Rose / Fuchsia 10mm 4"
  • Medium - 1 x Black / Black 10mm 4", 1 x Red + Blue / Royal Blue 10mm 4" & 1 x Red / Red 10mm 4"


    We will be stocking the Pioneer Cut Splatter Belts in the following colour combinations (outside dye colours / inside suede colour):

    • Black / Black (with black buckle)
    • Turquoise + Rose / Fuchsia
    • Red + Blue / Royal Blue
    • Red / Red

    *** For any other colour combination please contact us to order. You can choose up to FIVE colours, inside suede colour and silver/black buckle. ***

    Hand crafted to the highest standards by General Leathercraft Inc. in Texas (USA), Pioneer powerlifting belts are made with the very best materials resulting in a truly world class product. Pioneer belts are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

    Have you ever had the problem where you can't get your prong belt the right tightness? How about the problem of getting the belt off after a big lift?

    Introducing the “Pioneer Cut“. It is a Patent Pending design that Steve Strohm designed and partnered exclusively with Pioneer to bring to market. Pioneer have taken the existing traditional prong buckle and made it better and more customisable in terms of sizing. Offsetting two lines of holes, this design allows for you to tighten the belt in 1/2″ increments instead of the normal 1” that most companies currently offer. Due to the smaller increments, the belt can be worn at the correct tightness keeping the lifter more safe, and allowing the belt to be unbuckled much easier.

    About the Splatter Belts™:

    These Paint Splatter Belts™ are the brainchild of a few different customer requests and some fun out in the shop with the Pioneer crew. The canvas is a white suede and the splatters are made with a USA made leather dye. Outside of the design work, the belts are made using the same processes and materials you all know and love. They are guaranteed for life just like the whole leather line and are geared for abuse while looking awesome!

    One-of-a-Kind Splatter Belt Ackonledgement:

    The patterns created on each of these belts are all unique and are done by hand using primitive methods of dripping, shaking the bottle and letting it spill, throwing dye from a paint brush angrily and maybe an occasional Nerf ball soaked in dye. That being said we will NOT be able to accept returns due to complaints about the design work. Pioneer promise that they will do everything they can to make them look great, but there is an element of personal preference and judgement by Pioneer's dye department and they will ultimately determine what looks “great”. Also, please note that the dye process will occur BEFORE any embroidery and light coloured or LIKE coloured embroidery thread may show the dye under the text/image or make it look distorted. Please contact us if you wish to have a belt made with embroidery.


    • 10mm thick
    • 3" or 4" wide
    • One layer of high quality sole leather (centre)
    • Garment quality coloured suede (outside and inside)
    • Hand splattered with USA made dyes
    • Edges painted
    • Edges skived (i.e., bevelled) - so the belt does not dig into you as much as belts that have right-angled un-skived edges
    • Nickel-plated rivets and buckle (black buckle fitted to black belt)
    • High quality stitching
    • Hand crafted in the USA
    • Lifetime Guarantee


    • XS - 22-31"
    • Small - 27-36"
    • Medium - 31-40"
    • Large - 35-44"
    • XL - 39-48"
    • XXL - 43-52"
    • XXXL - 47-56″  (SPECIAL ORDER - please contact us)

    How to measure for your belt - please click here.

    The Pioneer Cut™ Belt adjustment:

    To see just how good these belts are in comparison to other well known popular brands please see this video:

    Pioneer FAQ video:


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