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  • Pioneer Cut™  Powerlifting Belt – 10mm/13mm thick – 3"/4" wide (Treated Leather) - 9 for 9
  • Pioneer Cut™  Powerlifting Belt – 10mm/13mm thick – 3"/4" wide (Treated Leather) - 9 for 9
  • Pioneer Cut™  Powerlifting Belt – 10mm/13mm thick – 3"/4" wide (Treated Leather) - 9 for 9
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Pioneer Cut™ Powerlifting Belt – 10mm/13mm thick – 3"/4" wide (Treated Leather)

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Pioneer Cut - 10mm/13mm thick - 3”/4" wide - Powerlifting Belt (Treated Leather) 

● Pioneer Cut system - offset holes allow 0.5” adjustment. Superior adjustability to standard belts. Patented design (no. 112244531)

● Perfect fit and tightness every time even with day to day weight fluctuations / fullness / bloating. Also very easy to get on and off.

● The ultimate in flexibility. Want your belt tighter for squats and a bit looser for deadlifts? The Pioneer Cut has you covered.

● Quality sole leather. Sourced in the USA.

● Leather is treated with a proprietary blend of fish and mineral oils which help soften the leather and give it a darker finish.

● Made with two pieces of leather stitched and glued together. Outside leather is treated. GLM stamp on tongue.

● Edges are bevelled so they do not dig in.

● Supportive but also exceptionally comfortable due to construction and quality materials.

● Handcrafted in the USA. Remarkable build quality and value.

● Lifetime Guarantee.

Belts out of stock can be ordered (8 week lead time). Please contact us so we can get your belt made.





    Customer Reviews

    Based on 32 reviews
    Eleni P.

    Pioneer Cut™ Powerlifting Belt – 10mm/13mm thick – 3"/4" wide (Treated Leather)

    James C.
    Great belt - thanks!

    Bought this belt on the advice of my PT (who uses the same one) after progressing to higher weights (had previously used a suede belt for a couple of years). Have been using it for about a month now and really pleased with it.

    Thanks for your review James. Enjoy your Pioneer belt. Happy training!

    Waseem A.
    Brilliant belt and brilliant company

    The belt has been great so far, exceptional quality. Very easy to break in and you can’t go wrong with a Pioneer belt.

    Also Darren and Emma who run 9 for
    9 were prompt with everything and provide excellent customer support. It is very easy to recommend the belt and the company.

    Thanks for your review and kinds words - we appreciate it. Enjoy your Pioneer Cut powerlifting belt. Wishing you all the best with your training.

    Mohamed R.R.
    Super happy!!

    Ordered from Netherlands and shipping was fast and smooth. Very very happy with the belt. The quality is superb. You can really tell that there was a lot of effort put into the design and workmanship. I use it for my Starting Strength program and it works amazing

    Thanks for your review Mohamed. Enjoy your Pioneer belt. Happy lifting!

    Jack C.
    Pioneer Cut Powerlifting Belt – 10mm – 4" wide - size medium: belt for life

    I've been using the belt for about 5 weeks and it's brilliant. It's incredibly well made good quality leather and I expect this belt will easily outlive me!
    I am a 5'11", 86kg man and went for the medium size. I use the holes around the centre of the belt so have plenty of space if I wanted to bulk up or trim down in the future.
    The half inch increments are a game changer, as I now have my belt half an inch looser for deadlifts as compared to squats. I've also been able to go up or down half an inch for evening vs morning training.
    I was a bit uncertain about whether to go for the 10mm or the 13mm, but this solid leather belt feels so much sturdier to brace against than my previous 10mm strengthshop belt (a fake suede material). I doubt that I would get anything more out of the 13mm compared to the 10mm but I think much bigger/stronger people than myself may do (Alan thrall on youtube has a good video which helped me decide on 10mm). Plus my natural deadlift starting position hasn't had to change at all.
    For the first few session it was quite hard to get the belt into the belt loop, but now it is perfect.

    Thanks for your review Jack - we appreciate it. Enjoy your Pioneer belt. Happy lifting!

    Nick C.
    Pioneer Cut Treated Leather 6.5mm thick 3" wide belt

    Great little belt which can also be very helpful for people who have back issues such as myself, for moving items during work situations, gardening, etc as it quickly conforms to your body and can be worn for long periods of time. Excellent product from 9for9 , with Pioneers usual quality.

    Thanks for your review Nick. Enjoy your Pioneer belt. Happy training!

    Benedikt T.
    high quality, great idea (10mm, 4'')

    The quality (feel and looks) of the belt are really great.
    The belt is not stiff and the additional holes are a real benefit when adjusting the belt as the size of the belly usually fluctuates a bit.

    Thanks for your review Benedikt. Enjoy your Pioneer Cut belt. Happy lifting!

    Nico B.
    Outstanding belt

    Bought this belt primarily for improving back stability when squatting greater than 1.6x bodyweight. As always, great product and brilliant service.

    Thanks for your review Nico. Enjoy your Pioneer belt. Happy lifting!

    Lyndsey C.
    (10mm, 3") Fantastic Belt

    I'm a 5ft 5in female, average build and took the 3" 10mm thick belt. I'm very happy with the quality, robustness and fit of this belt - I use it for squats and deadlift and it doesn't pinch at my hip bones or ribcage. The half spacing is excellent for tuning the fit on the days when I'm felling fluffy round the middle!
    I love the smell of the leather from the belt and now associate that smell with training!
    The only thing that I had to modify was in relation to the rivets that create the loop in the leather for the buckle to sit. The tail of the rivets (on the inside of the belt) were quite raggedy and caught on my clothes, but I just put a patch of duct tape over them and it's been fine since (I've had the belt for approx 18months now).
    Finally, the customer service from 9 for 9 was excellent with the treats in the package and the hand written note - nice touch! Keep up the good work!

    Thanks for your review Lyndsey. We are so pleased to hear that you like your Pioneer belt. If the rivets are causing issues you could try to use a punch to flatten any protrusions or edges (assuming you have not already done so). Hope this helps. Happy training!

    3inch 10mm - Superb belt

    Directly comparing to an RDX belt, Mobilitytools belt, and a Strength Shop belt, the pioneer belt is the winner by a country mile. More expensive but substantially better in both materials and build quality. The half inch spacing consistently proves to be useful with more/less bloating and thicker/thinner clothing layers.

    I would recommend getting a leather conditioner and applying it before breaking the belt in. The process of properly breaking in the belt actually left some minor cracks as the leather had obviously dried out a tad more than desirable. The cracks will not affect the belt's performance and to put this into perspective, it did not stop me from buying the 4inch and the 2.5inch.

    Thanks for your review Josh. Enjoy your Pioneer belt. Happy lifting!