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  • Pioneer Fitness Blue Line Hip Band - Level 4 - 9 for 9
  • Pioneer Fitness Blue Line Hip Band - Level 4 - 9 for 9
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Pioneer Fitness

Pioneer Fitness Blue Line Hip Band - Level 4

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Pioneer’s hip bands have arrived! We have hip bands made from five of Pioneer's elastic which provide different levels of resistance.

The Pioneer Blue Line Hip Band is a step above the Guardian Hip Band and is considerably less stretchy and offers more resistance. We do not recommend starting with this band as it is hard work!

Use the hip band during your warm-up to pre-activate the hip abductor, hip flexor and external rotator muscles. The band will also help with glute activation (and you will also get some activation in your legs too especially with the higher level bands). 

    Not only will using a hip band help improve mobility and thus help improve your form/position during your lifts it can also help improve performance. Read more about Post-Activation Potentiation here.

    • Durable thick elastic
    • Heavy-duty stitching
    • 100% Made in the USA

    Size guide:

    • Small (28") - Up to 80kg (176lbs)
    • Medium (30") - 80-115kg (176-253lbs)
    • Large (32") - 115kg+ (253lbs+)

    Customer Reviews

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    Stephen M.
    Get those hips working

    Went for the highest resistance and very pleased with what I’ve got, really challenges the hips and glutes to start firing either as a warm up or as accessory work, highly recommended

    Thank you for your review Stephen. It is great to hear that you like your hip band and that it is working well for your training.