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  • Pioneer Fitness Cotton Single Closed Loop / Olympic Lifting Straps - 9 for 9
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Pioneer Fitness

Pioneer Fitness Cotton Single Closed Loop / Olympic Lifting Straps

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Pioneer Fitness Single Closed Loop / Olympic Lifting Straps

A high quality single closed loop / Olympic lifting strap which allows you to quickly and easily ditch a weight if needed.

  • Superior quality lifting straps
  • Durable cotton webbing
  • High-quality stitching
  • Width - 1.5" / 3.81cm
  • Overall length - 10" / 25.4cm
  • Black colour
  • Made in the USA

Sold in pairs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
nathan D.
Entry into closed loop straps

Having previously used figure 8's and 'traditional' weight lifting straps. I wanted to give the closed loop straps a go. They are every bit as good as the others versions i have but even quicker to let go of the bar.
Took me a minute to get the grip right but the confidence they give is high. When your set has finished, just let go. Thats it! Id buy another pair but simply dont need to.

Thanks for review Nathan. We hope you will enjoy your Pioneer lifting straps and that they help with your training. Best wishes.

Edwin B.
Feel well made and look durable

I wanted to try out "Oly(mpic) Straps" for deadlifting having used "Lifting Straps" for several years. These straps feel well made and look durable. My existing lifting straps are cotton and I was looking for cotton 'Oly' straps. First impressions are very good. They're a bit stiff but they'll loosen with time, they're faster and simpler to use than lifting straps and the grip is just as good for me.

Thanks for your review Edwin. Enjoy your Pioneer lifting straps. Happy training!

Harry B.
Pioneer are always worth it

These are really solid, havent used straps too much in the past but these really help for the last few reps in a set. Would definitely recommend these.

Thanks for your review Harry. Enjoy your Pioneer lifting straps. Happy training!

Sophie H.
Great straps for weightlifting!

I’ve used these straps many times now in training for snatches, pulls & deadlifts. They really help save the thumbs. Definitely recommend.

Thanks for your review Sophie. Enjoy your Pioneer lifting straps. Happy training!

David F.
Weightlifting straps

These straps are awesome. Great length and much better than the IronMind ones made in nylon. Put some chalk in these before using abs they will stiffen up and take shape to your wrapping around the bar in no time.

Thanks for your review David. We are so pleased that you like the Pioneer lifting straps. Happy lifting!


Great straps comfortable to use great quality. Really fast delivery highly recommend product. And company.

Thanks for your review Andy. Enjoy your Pioneer lifting straps. Wishing you all the best with your training.

Quick Release Weight Straps

Great straps for Olympic Lifts allowing quick dumping of the bar if needed.

These style of straps do not continue to tighten under the load like lasso straps unless you tuck the end through the loop.

Can be used for conventional deadlifts as they are or as described above.

Thanks for your review William. Enjoy your Pioneer olympic lifting straps. Happy training!

max p.
Pioneer Fitness Cotton Single Closed Loop

Brilliant lifting straps. Great for quick on set up and still provide full grip.

Thanks for your review Max. Enjoy your Pioneer lifting straps. Happy training!

OLY strap convert!

As well made as you’d expect from a Pioneer product. They do need breaking in (bending and roughing) but that’s to be expected. There’s no reason these shouldn’t last for years.

Thanks for your review - we appreciate it. Enjoy your Pioneer lifting straps. Happy training!

Quality product, great service

Sturdy and comfortable, long enough to wrap the bar with a little overhang, short enough that you're not wrestling with the excess.
9 for 9 service was great, package received with some sweets and a handwritten thank you note.

Thanks for your review Matthew. We hope you will enjoy using the lifting straps. Happy training!