Pioneer Fitness Phantom Knee Wraps - 9 for 9

Pioneer Fitness Phantom Knee Wraps

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  • These wraps come in three different lengths – 2m, 2.5m and 3m
  • Cast Wrap with Increased Stretch
  • Thick and Solid Elastic
  • 108% Stretch
  • Full Loop for Added Durability
  • The stripes provide you with a useful reference when wrapping
  • 100% Made in the USA

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Cédric P.
    Wrap 3m pioneer phantom

    Un maintien et un rebond juste incroyable, j'ai réussi à battre mon record au squat à 275 kg !!
    Je recommande fortement !
    Merci encore 9 for 9 pour l'envoi rapide et les petits cadeaux dans le colis !

    English translation:
    Just incredible support and rebound, I managed to beat my squat record at 275 kg !!
    I highly recommend !
    Thank you again 9 for 9 for the quick shipment and the small gifts in the package!

    Thanks for your review Cédric. Also congrats on your PR squat which looked easy! Wishing you all the best with your training. Go get that 300kg!

    Jack M.
    Serious wraps

    Would use if you are used to wraps as these will cause some pain but some of the best wraps I’ve used. And let’s me honest, if you’re wrapping comfort is the last thing you should be thinking about. Rebound is amazing, solid on the knee, just a great wrap. Well worth the buy

    Thanks for your review Jack - we appreciate it. Wishing you all the best with your training.

    Awesome Self Wrap

    Quick delivery. Easy self wrap. New favourites already.

    Thanks for your review Will. Really pleased to hear that you like the Pioneer Phantom Knee Wraps and they are your new favourite! Wishing you all the best with your training.

    José A.A.
    Phantoms knee wraps 2.5 meters

    Have a good rebound. They're a bit sharp at first use, but they are amazing. Good comfort and amazing rebound

    Thanks for your review José. Happy squatting!

    Gabriele L.
    Very good Pioneer Fitness Phantom Knee Wraps

    This wraps are produced with a good material. Good quality and my son is happy about them. :-)

    Thanks for your review Gabriele. We are so pleased to hear that your son is happy with his Pioneer Phantom knee wraps. Wishing him all the very best with his training.

    Daniel P.
    Amazing wraps

    So, this are the first new wraps I ever gotten, before them, I used an old pair of metals a friend had gifted me. That being said, at first I was surprised with how stiff those are.

    Takes a while to get used to feeling depth, but the rebound if fantastic! I still need to get more experience with them, but so far I'm loving squating in those.

    Thanks for your review Daniel - we appreciate it. The Phantoms are quite stiff but we hope that you are now getting to used to them. Happy squatting!

    Meadhbh C.
    Phantom knee wraps

    The wraps arrived very quickly and are great quality. They even sent some jellies with them which was a lovely touch! Will definitely buy from here again. Thanks 😊

    Thanks for your review Meadhbh. We hope that you enjoy your Pioneer Phantom knee wraps. Happy squatting!

    William G.

    Pioneer Fitness Phantom Knee Wraps

    Thanks for your review William - we really appreciate it. Happy lifting!

    Some real ass wraps

    Extremely high quality, very good rebound and cast. Painful to break in and quite sharp when bought, already cut my finger twice after losing grip on the wrap so watch out! Darren and Emma attached some sweeties and a handwritten note too ! Great service.

    Thanks for your review Martin - we appreciate you taking the time. So pleased that you like the wraps. Sorry to hear that you cut your finger with them; they are fairly aggressive to start with and you're right that they do take some time to break in. Sounds like you feel they are worth the effort though :-) Wishing you all the best with your training.

    Mateusz B.
    One of the best in the market

    Perfect mix between stopping power, rebound and comfort!

    Many thanks for your review Mateusz. We really appreciate it.