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  • Pioneer Fitness Silver Beast/Strangulator Knee Wraps - 9 for 9
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Pioneer Fitness

Pioneer Fitness Silver Beast/Strangulator Knee Wraps

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Pioneer™ Silver Beast Knee Wraps are made from the heaviest elastic we could find. The Silver Beast/Strangulator knee wrap is EXTREMELY firm while staying comfortable. They are made from the best supportive elastic made, which makes them perfect for competition work. These are what the pros use during competition, and now you can use them too.

  • These wraps come in three different lengths – 2m, 2.5m and 3m
  • Slightly thicker than the Phantoms
  • The stripes provide you with a useful reference when wrapping
  • 100% Made in the USA 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Saj H.
Silver Beast

The silver beast are awesome, best by far what I have used in the past.
These are amazing have enough casting rebound where you get the best of both worlds. I love these wraps they are phenomenal wraps, best wraps I have ever used by far.
They have flexibility but they are stiff they have more body to than the rest I have used. They need couple of work outs, they will break in nicely I had bunch of people using this by the end they were able to pull around the knee. You need a good grip to go around the knee. The casting of them is solid they also have great amount of compression where you get the spring out of the bottom. The constriction gets better and better as you use them again and again. You will be able to pull little bit tighter and get around little bit tighter the more you use them the better they get. For advance lifters these are the way to go these are amazing wraps. These are now by far my favourite wrap, they provide tone of support the constriction is great the bang you get out of the whole is phenomenal. I would thank pioneer for sending these wraps on time and will be ordering 2.5 metres more of these beast Thank you once again pioneer for making a wrap which is the best of best by far I have used. Thank you

Thanks for your review Saj. Enjoy your Pioneer knee wraps. Happy training!

Strangulator wraps

I have tried many wraps but this was my first time buying Pioneer. I have tried SBD tuff iron bull wraps, but Pioneer wraps are way ahead of the game I will now order only from pioneer as it feels like not only the strength went up but also it feels it been well made. Well done to pioneer for making a such pioneer product which is the best of the best. I am based in UK
and from now this is the brand I will be buying from.

Thanks for your review Saj. Enjoy you Pioneer knee wraps. Happy lifting!

Kristijan K.

The third stiffest wrap ever made I have tryed all brands

We appreciate you taking the time to leave a review Kristijan. It is great to hear that you like your wraps.

Robby M.
Amazing wraps

Cant say how much I love these wraps. Used to use the Lillibridges and loved them, then tried the phantoms but they were a bit too abrasive for me. The strangulators are a good in between, so harsher and stiffer than then lillibridges but easier on your skin than the phantoms so you can actually do lots of volume with them. They were actually suprisingly comfortable for how stiff the elastic is.

Thanks for your review Robby - we really appreciate it. We are so pleased to hear that you love the knee wraps. Wishing you all the best with your training.

Jon V.
Pretty Decent

Haven’t had the time to test these out thoroughly yet, still breaking them in. But the thickness is much better than very thin wraps like overkill whilst keeping the majority of the cast feel. Much easier to self wrap tight enough and don’t dig in particularly.

Thanks for your review Jonathan. Hope you are enjoying the wraps and they have broken in nicely for you.

Strangulator knee wraps

Best wraps ever
Perfect sensation with them and very comfortable compares to the FD

Thanks for your review Marvin - we appreciate it. Happy lifting!

Alex O.
Excellent wraps but not for begginers

Extremely happy with the wraps. You can tell by the material that they are heavy duty and of exceptionally high quality. They are thinner than expected but make no mistake they are very heavy duty. From the first revolution you can feel them form a cast around the knee. Would absolutely recommend but a couple of obervations to be wary of ahead of purchase:

- Make sure your pre-squat ritual is concise, you will lose feeling in your very quickly once they are on.
- if you self wrap then perhaps look for a different wrap, such as the phantoms, that are a little more malleable.

Overall very happy with both the product and the service from 9for9.


We really appreciate you taking the time to leave a review Alex and for your helpful observations. We are pleased you are happy with the wraps and our customer service.

Mavrick D.
Awesome knee wraps

Awesome knee wraps, first time using these wraps and made a huge and so easy PR.
They are fantastic, lot of stopping, a very good rebound and very comfortable, dont know how it is possible.
9for9 is an awesome reseller, very professional and doing a lot to satisfy the customer.

Many thanks for your review Mavrick and congratulations on the PR. We are pleased you have been happy with our customer service. Happy lifting!

Strangulator Knee Wraps

Great product, very prompt and, efficient, service. Nice personal touch with little note and haribos!!

A great company it seems, whom will be getting more of my business.

Thank you for leaving a review David. We are pleased you have been happy with our customer service and the knee wraps. We have always handwritten a note and sent haribos with every order - just our little way of saying thanks. We look forward to sending you more in the future. 😊

Milan T.
Strangulator wraps

Great wraps, ton of support, im suprised how comfortable they feel

Many thanks for leaving a review Milan. It is great to hear that you like your knee wraps. All the best with your training.