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Pioneer Fitness "Stock" Untreated Powerlifting Lever Belt (with Satin Silver PAL V2) – 10mm thick – 4" wide

Pioneer Fitness "Stock" Untreated Powerlifting Lever Belt (with Satin Silver PAL V2) – 10mm thick – 4" wide

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Pioneer Fitness "Stock" Untreated Powerlifting Lever Belt (with Satin Silver PAL V2) – 10mm thick – 4" wide

The all-new 10mm Stock belts with PAL’s are here! Although they are “new”, this version of the Pioneer Belt has been around for decades with tens of thousands sold to discerning lifters all around the world.

The 10mm untreated stock belts with PAL’s are made using full grain vegetable tanned sole leather. Smooth outside natural finish and rough unfinished on the inside to help combat slippage. Although this belt is “bare bones”, it is ideal for those of you who want a strong, heavy-duty belt quickly and less expensive than a custom belt.


  • 10mm thick
  • 4" wide
  • High quality, 100% genuine, USA sourced, vegetable-tanned sole leather
  • Smooth leather untreated outside
  • Rough unfinished raw leather inside
  • Patented Pioneer Adjustable Lever (PAL) V2 provides 0.5" adjustability with 2" range (design no. 11986062)
  • White stitching
  • Pioneer embossed logo on the back
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Lifetime Guarantee (both lever and belt)

Also available in 13mm thick "stock" and 10mm/13mm treated leather.

BEWARE OF IMITATIONS - The Pioneer PAL is being shamelessly copied by many companies. Counterfeits are nothing new but the copies will always be inferior in quality (usually made cheaply in Asia) and may be unsafe.






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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Amazing Premium Quality Lifting Belt!

Really impressed with my Pioneer lever belt so far. You can really tell how well made and thought out the product is. Feels great when lifting, really feel like I'm supported no matter what I'm doing. Having the adjustable level on the go is awesome, especially for people who change size easily like me. Also looks great and really unique (at my gyms anyway), really premium looking. Would definitely recommend to any serious gym goers, the price is worth it for a great lifetime lifting belt!

10mm 4" PAL 2 Lever Belt

Emma/9for9 were really excellent - from initially messaging with them to helping me sort the size of my belt when I had ordered the wrong size - they really went above and beyond in terms of customer service.
The range of products stocked by these guys is also fantastic and unique in the UK, another great feature of this company - they have good taste!
The belt itself is fantastic - brilliantly and robustly made and finished. The lever and fittings are easy to get to grips with - I have a prong belt and a velcro belt and this really is a step up in terms of how well it helps you brace and how strongly it supports that brace. As with all new equipment, there will be a learning curve to contend with (which is useful as it has made me focus on my technique and slow down). There is definitely a break-in period with something this robust, but that robustness is what informed my decision to buy it in any case.
Its a fantastic belt and a brilliant company - both come highly recommended.

Excellent belt and company.

Highly recommend the PAL. Bought this back in May and it's a superb belt, and the lever system is brilliant. 10mm is perfect for deads and squats - tons of support without getting in the way. A weird highlight for me - I've had tons of issues with an belts digging in/rubbing against my back. I've been using the Pioneer for deads/squats and a 13mm buckle belt for log and axle press. The 13mm didn't have the bevelled edges - but was a big old buckle belt for cleans. Noticed I was only getting the issues with rubbing/cuts on my back with the old one - I've just bought a 13mm Pioneer buckle for exactly the reason of bevelled edges. What I'm trying to say is - it's the small details you appreciate with this belt, that's just one of them.

I should also say the team behind 9 for 9 were outstanding as well. Incredibly quick service, dispatch notification within about 30 mins of buying. Brilliant company to support. Highly recommend you spend your money here.

Thanks for your review Maxted. We are delighted that you like the Pioneer Powerlifting Lever Belt with PAL and you had a great experience shopping with us. Happy training!

A game changer in lever belts

Having been using prong belts all my life, I've only tried normal lever belts before, and I wasn't a big fan. Pioneer 10mm PAL did it for me, as it adjusts to my daily fluctuations. That being said, I still had to adjust to the tightness and the material (Strengthshop prong was much softer), so a couple tips that made it easier for me:

1) Break your belt: Just wearing it won't be enough, so fold it around and tuck it under your bed, or wherever it can remain really folded. That saved me some precious time.
2) Move the lever slightly to the side: I've received various feedback regarding this, but the main point is don't just wear it, but find a position (cause there will be such a position) where the lever and the overlapping belt layers won't bother you.
3) Suck it up for a few weeks, maybe train lighter and be better than me, and not do any tempo or paused work which will only make your life worse 😂

Thanks for your review - we appreciate it! Enjoy your Pioneer Powerlifting Lever Belt with PAL. Happy training!

Ian S.
Can't blame the belt any more

Used 13mm/single buckle belt for 30 years. After many ripped tee shirts, dubious looking black and blue marks around belly button and dislocated shoulders from trying to fasten the bloody things bought the 10mm/Pal V2 belt. Buckle belts you have to pull past required position to the belt pin in the hole. This belt is superb , set at home with a screw driver, go to the gym and you have four positions to choose from so from squat, bent over rows to deadlift you can get it just right. I do not even take off between sets - flip the lever so it is loose - it stays on your waist - get ready for the next set then clip it shut - its is exactly the same position and off you go.
I am only 5'5" so not much room between hip bone and underside of ribs. The 10mm belt so so comfortable compared to old 13mm belt I I feel no support difference. Children bought for me for Christmas. 9 of 9 really good considering all the delivery strikes. Only issue is I wish I had done it sooner.

Thanks for your review Ian. Enjoy your Pioneer 'Stock' Powerlifting Belt with PAL. Happy training!

I am so super happy with my purchase! Thank you 9for9

I am ordered Pioneer Fitness "Stock" Untreated Powerlifting Lever Belt (with Satin Nickel PAL) – 10mm thick – 4" wide. Was my first time experience with Pioneer and I am super happy with my new belt, such a high quality powerlifting belt. Looks great, smells great, fits excellent! Customer service and advice were fabulous! I originally was going to buy 13 mm belt as I am used to rigid powerlifting belt. However received excellent advice about difference in 10 mm and 13 mm, comparisons how it would be like etc. I also was going to buy size M and was advices to get size S, which all worked perfect! Went for 10 mm stock leather belt and it is rigid enough for me. Got fabulous assistance/chat helping me to do correct choice for me. Thank you Darren, thank you Emma for handwritten note for me and sweets, I definitely going to have happy lifting with my new belt!

Thanks for your review Kristine. We are glad that we could assist you with choosing your Pioneer belt and hope that you enjoy it! Wishing you all the best with your training.