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  • SABO Deadlift PRO (Black/Red) - 9 for 9
  • SABO Deadlift PRO (Black/Red) - 9 for 9
  • SABO Deadlift PRO (Black/Red) - 9 for 9
  • SABO Deadlift PRO (Black/Red) - 9 for 9
  • SABO Deadlift PRO (Black/Red) - 9 for 9
  • SABO Deadlift PRO (Black/Red) - 9 for 9
  • SABO Deadlift PRO (Black/Red) - 9 for 9
  • SABO Deadlift PRO (Black/Red) - 9 for 9
  • SABO Deadlift PRO (Black/Red) - 9 for 9
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SABO Deadlift PRO (Black/Red)

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SABO Deadlift PRO (Black/Red)

Culminating from new ideas and several years of research we are very excited to introduce the new SABO Deadlift PRO.

● Ultra-thin and wide outsole with innovative heel support:

  1. Rounded spherical internal heel cup. When your weight is added to the heel, it flattens distributing your weight more evenly. This provides a more planted feel and better heel drive.
  2. Very thin outsole (2-5mm). Your foot is perfectly flat with additional heel support when under compression.
  3. Wide heel zone with high side walls add stability and support.

 Shaped toe box with high sidewall on the toe side of the outsole. Provides improved stability, minimising slipping and foot rolling. Superior sumo pulling performance.

 New outsole pattern designed for improved grip, stability, traction and weight transfer.

● New insole with incorporated arch support.

 Wide 40mm metatarsal strap (sizes 40-47.5) / 30mm metatarsal strap (sizes 36-39.5). New durable velcro. Provides superior support locking your foot into position.

Barefoot feel. Exceptionally comfortable and lightweight - size 42 weighs only 316g.

Breathable mesh & synthetic suede - vegan-friendly.

 The Deadlift PRO is also exceptionally versatile and is perfect for squatting (if you need a flat sole) and bench press.

● Unisex design. Unisex European sizing.


    The SABO Deadlift PRO sizes are European (Euro / EU). Simply select the European (Euro / EU) shoe size you normally wear. If you need any help or advice please contact us.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 26 reviews
    Andrew G.
    Sabo Deadlift Pro's

    Excellent service and product... Very good deadlift shoe everything you need to add to your deadlift also nice hand written note from which made it personal

    Thanks for your review Andrew. Enjoy your SABO Deadlift PROs. Happy training!

    Aron H.
    More sturdy than the last sabo so far

    I had the last sabos which went torn after 2 years of use. These ones so far are great, definitely feel the sturdy base for squats especially. The sole is flat, and close to the ground, and the velcro feels better. My toes can splay out in the shoe which I like, compared with smaller toeboxes in other shoes. I use these for all of the SBDs, and I will continue to wear them until they are unusable.

    My criticisms would be: the middle velcro is too long, sometimes it can touch the floor, it’s quite pricy

    Thanks for your review Aron. Enjoy your SABO Deadlift PROs. Wishing you all the best with your training.

    Kristijan K.
    Excellent shoes for lifting

    Excellent shoes with a wide toe box, made especially for wide feet. Had them for over a year and still look and perform excellent!

    Daniel G.
    Sabo pro

    Excellent customer care
    And incredible delivery time
    Always a pleasure buying from you guys

    Juan D.
    SABO Deadlift PRO

    Delivered quickly and painlessly, the shoes fit great, great traction, work very well for sumo and conventional deadlift and are of amazing quality. Can recommend!

    Many thanks for your review Juan. We are so pleased that the shoes are working well for you. Happy lifting!

    Sabo Deadlift Pro

    Great Deadlift shoes!

    Thanks for your review Denise. Enjoy your SABO Deadlift PRO shoes. Happy training!

    Mick E.
    Sabo Weightlifting boots

    Excellent quality boots and very comfortable. Definitely makes me feel very confident when squatting especially as I have had reconstructive surgery on my ankle and foot. great pair of boots. Thanks

    Thanks for your review Mick. Enjoy your SABO Deadlift PROs. Wishing you all the best with your training.

    Mr B.A.K.
    Made for purpose

    Nice shoes for deadlift. Good support, I’ve used them only 4-5 times since I got them, but thankfully I haven’t had any pain which I used to get with my Metcons. Super breathable. There’s minimal drop and cushioning. I wouldn’t recommended wearing them outdoors though, especially in UK weather, they’re not at all waterproof, and with the thin sole you’ll feel every little gravel.

    Thanks for your review Babak. Enjoy your SABO Deadlift PROs. Happy training!

    Nico B.
    Stable deadlifting

    Decided to take the plunge and invest in genuine deadlifting shoes, to replace deadlifting in weightlifting shoes. Really glad I did because the impact was almost immediate. Great to finally deadlift close to the floor and without having to compensate for a heel lift, making things much more stable. Thanks again!

    Thanks for your review Nico. Enjoy your SABO Deadlift PROs. Happy training!

    Best squat flats I've used.

    Wide solid base. No annoying rounded edge which causes foot to roll. Foot feels very supported.
    Great bench shoes too since they're grippy and don't roll.
    They're okay for deadlifts too since they're super low to the ground but some people find an issue w the tiny 3mm heel they have, I personally don't even feel it.

    Thanks for your review Mayed. Hope you enjoy the SABO Deadlift PROs. Happy lifting!