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SABO Deadlift PRO (Black/Red)

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SABO Deadlift PRO (Black/Red)

Culminating from new ideas and several years of research we are very excited to introduce the new SABO Deadlift PRO.

● Ultra-thin and wide outsole with innovative heel support:

  1. Rounded spherical internal heel cup. When your weight is added to the heel, it flattens distributing your weight more evenly. This provides a more planted feel and better heel drive.
  2. Very thin outsole (2-5mm). Your foot is perfectly flat with additional heel support when under compression.
  3. Wide heel zone with high side walls add stability and support.

 Shaped toe box with high sidewall on the toe side of the outsole. Provides improved stability, minimising slipping and foot rolling. Superior sumo pulling performance.

 New outsole pattern designed for improved grip, stability, traction and weight transfer.

● New insole with incorporated arch support.

 Wide 40mm metatarsal strap (sizes 40-47.5) / 30mm metatarsal strap (sizes 36-39.5). New durable velcro. Provides superior support locking your foot into position.

Barefoot feel. Exceptionally comfortable and lightweight - size 42 weighs only 316g.

Breathable mesh & synthetic suede - vegan-friendly.

 The Deadlift PRO is also exceptionally versatile and is perfect for squatting (if you need a flat sole) and bench press.

    Size guide

    The SABO Deadlift PRO sizes are European. Since every foot is three-dimensional and varies across many different areas (such as width, instep etc.) conversion tables can only approximate your true shoe size. 

    The SABO Deadlift PRO offers a very precise fit. Please contact us if you need any help or advice.

    * * * We are currently updating the EU to UK conversion chart. * * *

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews

    The shoe is stylish and 300% legit for its purpose. It is like a leveled-up wrestling shoe specifically made for Powerlifting. This is coming from someone who is very complicated with shoes in general.
    Some people might not like the very slight heel yet I feel like it doesn't make that much of a difference to throw you off on deads and especially on squats it might be handy to have it!

    Also quick-note on the staff:
    10/10 would order again if I find something I need! 300% good vibes!
    + Very helpful staff
    + Very available customer support over Facebook
    + Very cool and unique way of how they make each delivery unique (small note + some sweets)

    Overall, GG :) 5 star hands down!

    Great Boots

    Firstly, great service from 9for9! Appreciate the personal touch they add to their service, thank you.
    The Sabo Deadlift Pro boots are actually the first boots I've purchased for using during deadlift. Well made, fit really well, look good. Have used them for sumo lifting and they felt very secure, no roll, feet stuck well to the floor, grounded. Tried traditional deadlift today with them, felt fine too.

    Great Lifting

    These feel more solid than the original SABO deadlift which I like.
    The foot strap is more chunky which gives more support and contact with the floor feels really good.
    I squat and deadlift in these and have found them supportive enough for both movements. Recommend for deadlifts A+, and for flat foot squatters.

    Thanks for your review - we appreciate it. Enjoy the SABO Deadlift PROs. Wishing you all the best with your training.

    Fantastic powerlifting shoe

    The only flat powerlifting shoe that manages to combine a minimal heel height with having the solid feel of a weightlifting shoe when pushing towards the ground. If you're thinking about buying the Goodlift I'd strongly recommend buying this shoe instead even if it's intended for squatting only.

    The heel "cupping" construction in this shoe has generated some controversy, but I think it works incredibly well to create a tight feel around the heel which, unlike many other lifting shoes, runs no risk of feeling loose or that it will rise out of the shoe.

    Thanks for your review Jonas. The SABO Deadlift PRO is great for those who squat in flats. We are glad that you have been enjoying it. Happy training!

    Very stable shoes

    These shoes help me safe at lockout position. Especially, heel’s design is very useful for sumo puller. I’m really satisfied with these shoes.

    Thanks for your review Eui - we appreciate it. Enjoy your SABO Deadlift PROs and wishing you all the very best with your training.



    Thanks for your review Hoyeon. Happy lifting!


    Good for deadlift, good for squat if you have a flexible ankle

    Thanks for your Hyojae. Enjoy your SABO Deadlift PROs and wishing you all the best with your training.

    great flats

    Great shoes, with great lateral support because of the double straps. I train all the lifts in them.
    People say that the thicker soles make it not ideal for deadlifts but I still do it training, would potential change them for competition if you are concerned about missing your lift for like an inch, could also take the insoles out to be closer to the ground.

    Thanks for your review Demetris - we appreciate it. We are so pleased that you like your SABO Deadlift PROs. The SABO Deadlift PROs has no heel or rise with a sole only 2-5mm in height (they are perfectly flat when under compression) so you should certainly use them in competition! You could only get closer to the ground barefoot. Wishing you all the best with your training.

    Great shoes for all lifts

    Very wide and stable shoe, not only great for deadlifting but is also probably the best squatting shoe if you prefer squatting in flats. Doesn't slip easily so great for bench as well.

    Thanks for your review Hannes. The SABO Deadlift PRO is a great all-rounder if you like a flat shoe for squats and bench too. So pleased that you like them. Happy lifting!

    Sabo Pro

    Excellent shoe, great stability - I especially like them for squats. Soles are a tad thicker than the usual sabo I'm used too, so there's a tiny bit of deficit when deadlifting - but nothing a good deadlifter can't handle!

    Thanks for your review Chris. The SABO Deadlift PRO should be flat under compression but some people do feel they are a touch thicker than the SABO Deadlift like yourself. Pleased that you like them!