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  • SABO Deadlift (Red/Black) - 9 for 9
  • SABO Deadlift (Red/Black) - 9 for 9
  • SABO Deadlift (Red/Black) - 9 for 9
  • SABO Deadlift (Red/Black) - 9 for 9
  • SABO Deadlift (Red/Black) - 9 for 9
  • SABO Deadlift (Red/Black) - 9 for 9
  • SABO Deadlift (Red/Black) - 9 for 9
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SABO Deadlift (Red/Black)

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SABO Deadlift (Red/Black)

Ultra-thin, flat minimal sole (2-5mm) allows you to feel the floor and minimises pulling distance.

Feel close, planted and locked into the ground. Grippy, patterned sole provides stability and traction.

Improved sumo pulling performance. Side support and ridges on the outsole minimises slipping and foot rolling.

Barefoot feel. Exceptionally comfortable and lightweight - size 42 weighs only 239g.

Metatarsal strap provides support and locks your foot into position.

Breathable mesh & synthetic suede - vegan-friendly.

    Sizes are Russian so please measure your feet and check which size you should need on our size guide page. Please contact us if you need any help or advice.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 210 reviews
    Torun F.
    Stellar shoes and service

    I am one of those people who have been perfectly happy pulling in socks for my entire life. However, I decided to purchase some shoes just in case I feel like taking my midlife crisis to the next level and enter a competition. Pulling in these feels no different than pulling in socks, which is exactly what I was after. I pull conventional for reference.

    Regarding the sizing, I am normally a size 38 and a size 39 in these fit perfectly.

    As always, the service by Darren & Emma is above and beyond which is why they are my "go to" for any purchase that is lifting related. In sum: the SABO shoes are awesome, and 9for9 rocks.

    Thanks for your review Torun. Enjoy your SABO Deadlift shoes. Happy training!

    Pierre G.R.
    Sabo deadlift in 2022

    Hard to find a better shoes than the sabo deadlift (« old » edition), the package was sent as soon as I order and arrive super fast, just be careful with the brexit tax, I forgot about if and was really surprise about the price asked by the delivery service.

    Thanks for your review Pierre. We now send all orders duties and taxes paid so you will no longer have to pay any import charges when ordering from us. Hope you enjoy your SABO shoes.

    Jan M.L.
    Incorrect sizing

    Turns out that the size, stated as «Russian size» is actually European size and too small. Very disappointed.

    Sorry to hear the shoes are too small for you. The SABO Deadlift shoes are Russian sizing. However, the Russian sizing is very close to European sizing and you can see that on our size guide. We also provide a measuring guide within the size guide on our website. When this is followed the sizing is accurate for the vast majority of people. When sizing issues arise it’s usually when people do not measure following our guide but instead look at different Russian sizing conversion charts elsewhere on the internet which are often inaccurate (especially since the SABO Deadlift sizes tight anyway so measuring your feet is very important). We are always available to help before purchase if you’re unsure.

    ירון א.
    liked the gummy bears.

    We got the shipment quickly. The product is great

    Thanks for your review. Enjoy your SABO Deadlift shoes. Happy training!

    Just buy them

    Really good quality, great support for the entire foot and ankle.
    Delivery was fast and painless.
    What's not to like?!
    I'm going to buy a weightlifting pair as well.

    Thanks for your review - we appreciate it! Enjoy your SABO Deadlift shoes. Happy training.

    Chris B.
    the best deadlift shoe

    I have had these deadlift shoes now for 4 years, and although they are showing signs of aging, they are still going strong. Great grip and great support with the strap. I have used these for squats also and they are great

    Svetlana B.
    Great deadlifting shoes

    These are very comfortable, flat and offer great ankle support. There is a lot of room to spread your toes.
    The only slight downside is that it is a bit of a pain to put them on and take them off again.

    Daniel H.
    Way better than chucks

    I've been a long time user of Sabo Powerlifts but when it came to deadlifts defaulted to £14 chuck knock offs from Sports why buy a set of deadlift shoes 5x the price?

    1) 9for9 send you some haribo snack packs (the whole buying/delivery process and notifications system is great, pre work out sweets was an welcome bonus)

    2) This is a shoe that is purposefully designed for deadlifting, the strapping, higher cut of the shoe above the ankle and the bit of shoe engineering that's gone into the footbed really help tighten up and refine your feel for the floor and force transfer to it.

    3) I found that these shoes also offered more lateral or 'anti foot roll' stability compared to my chuck like shoes. I imagine this is further improved in the Deadlift PRO when you look at the heel design.

    4) I have slightly wider feet, wearing UK11s and SABOs size 45 in these shoes is a comfortable 'close without pinching' fit.

    My only criticism is that the rubber on the tread superficially tore up a bit but this was after having walked about 1.5 miles in them on pavement, which isn't exactly what they are meant for. Normally I change into lift specific shoes once I'm in the gym so I doubt this will be an issue long term.

    Overall, if someone was looking to make an initial investment into quality lift specific shoes, would have no hesitation in recommending these.

    Thanks for your detailed review Daniel. Enjoy your SABO Deadlift shoes. Happy training!

    Angelina L.
    Sabo Deadlifting shoes

    Love them with a big L! Super comfy and did the job on the day at the IPF Worlds Halmstad 2021. Needed them ASAP for that comp and 9for9 delivered them on time! Highly recommend both the Sabo’s and 9 for 9!! Thank you 😊

    Thanks for your review Angelina. We hope that IPF Worlds went well! Wishing you all the best with your training.

    Kristina H.

    The shoes are great.

    Thank you for your review Kristina. We are pleased you like your shoes.