SABO Deadlift (Red/Black)

SABO Deadlift (Red/Black)

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Sizes are Russian so please measure your feet and check which size you should need on our size guide page. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help or advice.

In 2017, SABO improved the ever popular Deadlift shoe with a new design and superior materials!

Improvements include:

1. Construction
All new construction. All parts of the shoe upper are new. A tighter more secure fit than with previous models. Similar look of previous models but with a new design.

2. Materials
New materials have been used for the new Deadlift. New breathable mesh, black synthetic suede and metal eyelets. Improved strap which is harder and more durable.

3. Size
Because of all the new materials and the new construction the shoe has a slightly tighter fit.

4. Outsole.
New outsole material provides improved durability and superior grip.


Specialised shoes for deadlifting and a great all-around lifting shoe for your strength workouts. This is the latest version (Summer 2017) as detailed above.

Main features:

- New anatomical shoe was created especially for deadlifting.

- New non-marking outsole is made of high density material with a special design for traction.  Soles are ultra thin: 2mm-5mm.  

- Two lateral straps allowing for an individual fit and precise tuning of tightness for the foot, ankle and heel.

- High cut upper and materials optimal for training.

- Side support on the outsole allows you to spread the floor without your feet rolling over, unlike slippers.  


- The soles are thin and flat to decrease pulling distance. A thin sole means the barbell is higher up from the floor relative to the athlete.  This allows for more weight to be lifted since the pulling distance becomes shorter. 

- Specialised footwear protects the feet from injuries related to heavy lifting. Protects athletes’ feet from platypodia (flattening of the arches).

- This shoe provides maximum stability for the ankle.

- The soles are made from materials that do not have any give which results in a good surface to push against. The pattern and side support on the outsole minimizes slipping.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Deadlift Boots

Good quality, arrived quicker than I thought. Good fit. Tried them out and I'm very pleased with them. New deadlift PB and loglift PB.

Sabo deadlift shoes

Fantastic shoes, great customer service and a bonus bag of Haribo! Very happy customer and will happily order from you again!

Best Deadlift Shoes ever!

Thanks for selling me those shoes! Never had a flat sole like this ones. It feels like you are on the floor with your feet, but in really stable shoes.
Directly lifted a new PR :-)

First Order - SABO Deadlift (Red/Black)

My coach recommended these deadlifting shoes to me and I had never heard of SABO before. Since receiving them from 9 for 9 back in November, I don't think I could ever choose another shoe. They are amazing. They are comfortable and extremely supportive. I have never felt so close to the ground as I do when I am wearing these. The first time wearing them was at my first powerlifting meet and they did not disappoint.

The delivery and handling by Darren and Emma make a huge difference. I love the personality given in the handling with the package and email correspondences. That relationship between customer and seller is very important to me. I will definitely be ordering more items from them in the future.


Great shoes and price

My first competition with the SABO Deadlift shoes

After 25 weeks of training I have used the SABO Deadlift Red/Black for the first time in a competion (German Championships 2019 in Düsseldorf). Before I used deadlift slippers in competions and now the SABO. I had a new PR and a new German national record in the Powerlifting M4 class. So I am really happy with them.

The BEST shoes

These shoes have worked really well for me for both squat and deadlift. I do them up quite tight for squat and they feel very stable and supportive whilst having a flat sole. They allow me to push outwards and are again really supportive for deadlift. Very comfortable. Would highly recommend.

Thanks so much for your review Ellie. We are so pleased that you like the shoes. All the best with your training!
Great shoes

Saw these recommended by several powerlifters and decided to get a pair for the very thin sole and supposed better bracing compared to wrestling boots/converse (I have never like the look of deadlift slippers). They look great and they are extremely lightweight on the feet, so they do get you very close to the floor. Sole grip is excellent. I do think the velcro fastenings could be better, as mine seem to have got a bit puffy (in that way Velcro sometimes does) but so far longevity is OK.

Thanks for your review Ian. We are pleased that you like the shoes. Thanks for your feedback on the Velcro - we have fed that back to SABO. If you have any issues with your shoes going forward do please contact us.
Excellant deadlift support

These shoes provide confidence and suppport when deadlifting that has helped increase my max lift

Thanks for your review Scott - we really appreciate it! That's awesome that the shoes have helped you increase your max. May it continue! Happy lifting.

SABO Deadlift (Red/Black)

Thanks for rating the Deadlift 5 stars Adam. Happy lifting :-)

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