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SABO GoodLift

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Sizes are Russian so please check your size on our size guide page. Feel free to contact us if you need any help or advice.
The latest addition to the SABO collection, the GoodLift is the perfect shoe for lifters who prefer a shoe without a heel. Featuring an all-new non-marking outsole with minimum thickness and a special pattern for maximum grip. The upper is made of thick, supportive leather with a man-made liner. The GoodLift also has a 30mm super durable metatarsal strap for a secure fit. 

This is the perfect shoe for deadlifts, squats without a heel, and bench press.
Main features:

- New non marking outsole, minimally thick (5 mm) and designed to support the foot under heavy loads.

- Pattern on bottom sole designed for maximum grip against the floor.

- 30 mm wide ultra-durable lateral strap for a secure fit.

- Classic upper construction, with natural leather and quality components make for a solid and durable shoe.


- The soles are thin and flat to decrease pulling distance. A thin sole means the barbell is higher up from the floor relative to the athlete.  This allows for more weight to be lifted since the pulling distance becomes shorter. 

- Specialised footwear protects the feet from injuries related to heavy lifting. Protects athlete's feet from platypodia (flattening of the arches).

- This shoe provides maximum stability for the ankle.

- The soles are made from materials that do not have any give which results in a good surface to push against. The pattern and side support on the outsole minimises slipping. 

*** PLEASE NOTE : The Goodlift is made with thick natural leather and can feel quite stiff out of the box. After some break in time the leather will soften and become more flexible and pliable improving comfort levels. ***

If you require additional arch support we recommend the Slimflex Green Orthotic Insole.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
SABO GoodLift for a good lift

After already having purchased the SABO Deadlifts I became curious about the GoodLifts. Even though the SABO Deadlifts worked well for Squats, I was missing a bit of foot stability. And boy do the Goodlifts deliver! In my opinion the best non-heeled shoes money can buy for Powerlifting! Sole point which could be better are the shoe laces, which are a bit to hard, so that they tend to open, if you don't bind them with a double knot.

SABO GoodLift

Great product and great seller . Fast shipping and great customer service .
Thanks 9 for 9 !

Break them in...

...and have a pair of reliable and comfortable liftingshoes. I wore them for a month every day at training, and I’m really happy with them.
Also, thank you for the fast shipping to Germany and the handwritten note, that’s a touch of love you barely find with any shop these days.
Bless you guys!

Thanks for your review Ben - it is very much appreciated. We totally agree with regards to break in - the thick natural leather certainly needs breaking in and will soften over time. We are pleased that the shipping to Germany was fast for you. Thank you for your kind words - we really appreciate our customers and we enjoy writing notes for every one of you. Happy lifting!
SABO GoodLift!!!

The sabo Goodlift is the best product for any powerlifter, they are comfy,stable and serious ,I highly recommend them for someone who is starting out and wants the best to train with,!!!

P.S this company has the best costumer service !!

Thanks for your review Marouska - we really appreciate it. We are very pleased to hear that you like the shoes and were happy with the customer service. Happy lifting!
Excellent and versatile flat sole gym shoe.

These are awesome, buy them.

So I ordered these back in September after someone stole my Adipowers. I loved those things. I heard about Sabo from a highly sarcastic YouTuber with great traps so decided to check them out. They looked cool, the price is great and they come well recommended.

It’s January now and I love these things. It took a little while to get used to these. I squat a lot so the flat sole was an adjustment after the Adipowers, which have a heel lift. Plus the leather is thick and stiff so that took a while to soften up. They are comfortable and I’ve adapted to their flatness coming from Adipowers.

The sole of the Sabo is nice and solid, and the laces and straps do a great job of locking me in. This means I have great support and protection for my feet and ankles. I have flat feet so I use orthotic inserts. In fact, my orthotics work better than they did in the Adipowers which had a lot of arch support built. This is a very comfortable shoe. I recommend putting your laces through the loop cut into the tongue, you’ll find they will not bite into the top of your foot as much, if at all.

The shoe is wide and stable, it is excellent for barbell work. Plus the sole makes other activities a lot more comfortable than the Adipowers.

They look stylish, as opposed to the flashy cool of the Adipowers, but they are still eye-catching with the cleanness of their contrast design.

Thanks so much for taking the time to write such a thorough and comprehensive review Irfan! We really appreciate it and are sure it will help others considering the Goodlifts. Delighted to hear you like them so much.
Fantastic all around flat

Going from training in converse to these has been night and day difference. Wide foot print helps to improve stabilitiy no end and built quality is top notch, all round fantastic flat shoe for powerlifting/weight training.

Thanks for your review Thomas - we really appreciate it. We are so pleased that you like the shoes and felt they offered such a significant difference to lifting in your Converse. They are designed specifically for lifting so it is nice you find that they deliver. Happy lifting!
Best shoes ever!

I've worked with some good shoes so far (Nike Metcon, Adidas Adipower, Reebok Croosfit Lite TR), but these are the best so far!
The shoes are extremly stable, and really help me keep my foot arch, even though I have flat feet.
I really like the fact that they keep my foot locked in during the sumo pull, which was a huge problem for me.

They take a little bit of wearing in, but in just a week more or less they are completly comfortable.

Another great thing is the costumer service, which was without a doubt the best I've ever encountered in online shopping.
All my questions and doubts were answered with sincerety and I got all the help I needed to buy the shoes without doubts on my mind.

Thanks for your comprehensive review Jonathan - we appreciate you taking the time to write it. We are so pleased that you like the shoes. We hope you enjoy many years of lifting in them. Thanks also for your kind words with regards to our customer service - we feel very grateful that you feel we were the best online shopping experience you have encountered. We wish you happy lifting!

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