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Squats & Science INHALE 2.0

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INHALE Ammonia Smelling Salts is the strongest, highest quality, longest lasting human grade ammonia product for athletes, bar none. The exceptional design provides athletes of all types with the most convenient method of inhaling ammonia. It’s simple, all you need to do is shake, squeeze and go!

INHALE has gotten even better!

Introducing INHALE 2.0 – The strongest, highest quality, longest lasting human grade ammonia product for athletes, with a new and improved bottle. Squats & Science have drastically improved the experience of using INHALE with a new new quick close, leak proof cap. The opening is tilted towards the nose and away from the eyes, eliminating the occurrence of eye irritation during use. The exceptional design provides athletes of all types with the most convenient method of inhaling ammonia. It’s simple, all you need to do is shake, squeeze and go!

Squats & Science users loved their formula so they kept it exactly the same. INHALE is still made with only the strongest liquid ammonia, not the less potent powder form. The molecular composition of ammonia is what causes the strong physical boost, not the harsh smell, so INHALE is infused with menthol to soften the chemical smell.
The Science
INHALE is a clean, all natural product with one active ingredient: ammonia. It utilises your bodies own mechanisms to stimulate higher performance. Ammonia is very water soluble, so when it comes in contact with the mucous membranes in your nose it causes them to strongly contract. This contraction gives you the sensation of being smacked in the face but with no pain, eliciting the flight or flight response and flooding your body with adrenaline. There are no strange compounds or chemicals, and the end result is all you!
When you receive the product, unscrew the cap and puncture hole in the foam seal with your finger. Screw the cap back on tight! Our industry leading packaging allows greater control of the product, so no more fumbling with caps when you’re most ready to go, just shake, squeeze the exact amount of ammonia you desire, and get to it.
How long does a bottle last?
The bottle has an indefinite shelf life. So the clock only starts ticking when you break the seal. When you have broken the seal, how long the bottle will last will depend upon how many times it used and vary from lifter to lifter. Usually a bottle will last around 4 months for most lifters. amonia

Customer Reviews

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Fredrick G.
No effect, very weak smell

I smelled it, even tried to inhale as much as i could could, nose and mouth but no effect at all. I don't understand what this is for (have never experienced ammonia kick), smelling a pepperoni is stronger than this.

I am very sorry to hear of the issue you have had. I think there has been an issue with the bottle you received. I will contact you directly to resolve this to your satisfaction.

The cap is what does it.

Decent salts but the bottle and cap design is what makes this product stand head and shoulders above it's competitors. No screwing on a lid while you're filled with ammonia induced rage.

Thanks for your review Kris. Enjoy your INHALE smelling salts. We hope it helps you hit some big PBs. Happy lifting!

Rasmus A.
Good and strong

Really nice product with a great minty smell to it. Would highly recommend.

The packaging was phenomenal and the small haribo sweets was such a nice touch!

Thanks :)

Thank you for your review Rasmus. We are pleased that you like the smelling salts and hope they assist your lifts. All the best with your training.

Ricardino A.
Good for beginers

It's a good option for someone who hasn't tried ammonia before. The flip on lid is great if you feel like throwing the bottle without spilling anything. Can't smell the menthol at all though.

Thank you for your review Ricardino. We are pleased that you liked the salts and we appreciate your feedback about the smell. They are a good starter for beginners. If you want something with a much bigger punch you may like the Obsidian Methol.

Very good product

The cap is very useful

Thanks for your review Andrew. Enjoy your smelling salts. Happy lifting!

Great at the start!

Was great at the start, however as time progressed the potency very quickly died off.
The smell wasn't obscenely foul compared to other smelling salts which was a bonus.
Was a great kick for my 1rm attempts and helped improve focus beforehand.
I'd recommend for a once of or short training block.
Good value for money.

Thanks for your review Nathan. If you would like some more potent smelling salts then perhaps try Obsidian Saiyan Salts or Obsidian Ultra; these are also available with up to two refill packs so they would last you quite a long time. The potency would naturally drop off with use but those ones are still reasonably strong at the tail-end of the bottle. Hope this helps.

Good focus and boost

I prefer this 1 as a regular go-to sniffer for general heavy sets. Bit lighter than my obsidian 1 which i might use for PB stuff.

Thanks for your review Chris - we appreciate it. Happy lifting!

Cavan P.
Great Product, Love the lid

Would definitely recommend these salts! Give the bottle a good squeeze and you'll know about it for sure. For me the lid is the best bit, a easy to use push button, which is a lot better for those of us who like to take a smell, then throw the bottle across the floor :D Easier than a screw cap for sure

Many thanks for your review Cavan. We are pleased that the smelling salts are working well for you. The flip lid certainly does come in handy. All the best with your training.

Explosives in a bottle

Blows your nose off . But In all seriousness , very good for a quick focuser and boost . Great for when going for a PB or a peak top set.

Thank you for leaving a review Dhan. We hope that they continue to help with many PBs.

Brandon F.
Strong Stuff!

Opened this stuff and wow, this stuff is strong! I love it. It definitely gives me that extra energy boots for that extra rep. Good stuff :)

Thanks for leaving a review Brandon. We hope that the smelling salts continue to help with some PBs