w.o.d.welder Muscle Recovery Bath Bomb - 9 for 9

w.o.d.welder Muscle Recovery Bath Bomb

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From w.o.d.welder themselves:

Add w.o.d.welder Muscle Recovery Bath Bombs to your next bath. Weighing in at 5oz, these babies are PACKED with everything your aching body needs to feel new again after a long week of workouts, bosses, or screaming kids. Now choose from three awesome scents: Peppermint, Honey Oatmeal, or Green Tea! 

How to use: 
1.) Draw a bath. We suggest making it as hot as possible if you're using the peppermint bath bomb because the peppermint oil will provide an icy-hot effect.
2.) Either get in your bath with your w.o.d.welder bath bomb on the edge of the tub OR you can plop the bath bomb in the tub before you get in. We like to get in before placing the bath bomb in the water so that we can watch it fizz up close!
3.) RELAX.
4.) When you're done, just get out and dry off! 

What's in it? 

Epsom Salt - This magical mineral compound of Magnesium and Sulfate has been used for years to help the body rid itself of natural toxins. Absorbed through the skin, Magnesium also aids in the reduction of inflammation, muscle aches, stress levels, and helps to prevent hardening of arteries and blood clots. We promise you've never felt quite this good after a bath.

Baking Soda - Also known as Sodium Bicarbonate, this common household ingredient will work wonders on your body when added to your bath. Known for helping to detoxify and alkalize your body, baking soda also helps to neutralize skin acidity. Look at you, you're glowing! 

Coconut Oil - Included to help keep your skin moisturized and looking amazing! (you too guys). Coconut oil has also been showed to possess antimicrobial properties aka it can help heal and damaged skin you may have. Dead lift shins be gone! 

Essential Oils for fragrance- Each bath bomb has a unique blend of essential or fragrance oils to transport your body from tub to spa in seconds. 

Citric Acid - A natural preservative found in many products in the food and beverage industry. When used for personal care, it acts as a fantastic pH adjuster. Why do we add it? It fizzes. Fizzies are fun. 

Buy the best natural bath bomb in existence today!

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Customer Reviews

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Love the peppermint scent I've bought. Epsom salts help with sore muscles. Great way to relax :)

Thanks for your review Maciej. Enjoy recovering with your w.o.d.welder bath bomb. Best wishes.

Nice and relaxing after a tough session

Helps to ease the muscles after a tough session in the gym. Makes walking the day after a leg session that bit easier!

Thanks for your review Robert. Enjoy your w.o.d.welder bath bombs. Keep on top of that recovery and keep making gains!