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w.o.d.welder Natural Bar Soap (Woodsman)

w.o.d.welder Natural Bar Soap (Woodsman)

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w.o.d.welder Natural Bar Soap (Woodsman)

From w.o.d.welder themselves:

Close your eyes and have a friend read this to you:
The clean refreshing scent of Pine and Balsam Fir trees cradle your senses as you drift across the moss carpeted floor of a New England forest. To your left is a babbling brook, home to three little frogs doing synchronized laps around unsuspecting water skippers. Two gray squirrels spot you walking toward them, you've interrupted their seemingly pointless cat and mouse game. You think to yourself, are they fighting over a nut? A territory? Or are they just plain having fun? Doesn't matter. You notice to your right the water source that feeds the brook; a pristine 5 foot waterfall trickling gently over thousand year old stone. The sun peeks through the canopy directly onto the perfectly sculpted landscape surrounding the fall, allowing you to see straight through the crystal clear water. You take a sip, tasting what could only be described as the purest form of hydration known to man. A gentle breeze rolls in from the west, bringing your attention back to the wonderful fragrance of the forest when you say to yourself - "I never want to leave". Open your eyes. That's what showering with this soap feels like.

How to use: 
1.) Take off your flannel, Carhartt, wool socks, and boots. Hang necessary clothes on limb.
2.) Grab this soap and ease in to your chosen body of water.
3.) Bathe.
4.) Exit the water and let out a triumphant bellow.
5.) You are clean.

Use daily for body, face, hands.

Member Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetics Guild

Formulated with all natural ingredients:

Saponified olive and coconut oil, shea butter, pine and other natural fragrance.

4oz / 113g

wod welder

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great scent and lather!

Amazing soap! It lathers really well and on top of that it has a pleasant, refreshing scent.

Thanks for your review Maciej - we appreciate it. Enjoy the soap!

John S.

My 1st soap bar from this brand... really like it!
Smells great! I'll be buying a 2nd woodsman bar

Thanks for your review Liam. We are so pleased that you like the w.o.d.welder woodsman soap. We will try to keep it well stocked for you. Enjoy!