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  • Barbell Bands Women's "Light Grey" Silicone Ring - 9 for 9
  • Barbell Bands Women's "Light Grey" Silicone Ring - 9 for 9
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Barbell Bands

Barbell Bands Women's "Light Grey" Silicone Ring

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  • Custom moulded 100% medical grade silicone
  • Offers flexibility and comfort with activity
  • Holds shape over time
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 5.5mm wide and over 2mm thick

Size guide:

Measuring is best done with assistance. Cut a small strip of paper 5mm wide by 100mm long. Hold out the finger to be measured, get your helper to wrap the piece of paper around your finger where the ring would be and then pull the paper tight. Be careful as to avoid paper cuts! With the strip of paper pulled tight, mark off where the paper intersects. Measure from the edge of the strip of paper to your mark in mm and check against the internal circumference in the table below. Then choose the ring size you need.

Barbell Bands hold shape and stay true to size over time.

US Ring Size  UK Ring Size


4 I
5 J ½
6 L ½ 16.5
7 N ½ - O 17.3 54.4
8 P ½ - Q 18.1 56.9
9 R ½ 18.9 59.5

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Amelia A.
Wedding band for training

This is absolutely perfect and stylish! I bought one previously off Amazon which was rubbish. This is the real deal. Excellent quality. Can't beat it!

Thanks for your review Amelia. Enjoy your Barbell Band silicone ring. Happy training!

couples wedding Rings

me and my wife bought these for work to prevent wear and tear on our metallic rings. my wife loves the feel of here and it allows here finger to breath, i barely notice i have it on even while throwing a barbel around. great purchase and very stylish.

Thanks for your review Tom. We hope that you and your wife enjoy the Barbell Bands. Best wishes.

Safe and good looking.

I bought one of these because I don't like not wearing a ring, but I wanted to protect my actual wedding ring which since I started lifting again, has got bent and scratched. This is a smart, practical replacement which I don't have to worry about, and which won't cause injury. The ring is a good fit (I had a ring sizer at home) and looks nice. The only criticism is that all makers of sillicon bands seem not to do thicker bands in women's sizes. Would definitely recommend however if you want to protect a ring which is precious to you and prevent any injuries.

Thanks for your reiew Allison. We hope you will enjoy your Barbell Band silicone ring. Thanks for the feedback on the band widths which we will pass onto Barbell Bands. Best wishes.

I want one in every colour

This is not my first barbell ring and I love them. So comfortable and love having a variety of colours. Thinking this one will be great for holidays. I use them while lifting weights too. Durable, comfortable, true to colour etc. Now... I wish there was a purple one.

Thanks for your review Eimear. We will feed back your wish for a purple colour to Barbell Band! Best wishes.

Another for the collection

This is the second of these rings I have purchased for myself. I do powerlifting and use it for almost all activities, although sometimes not deadlifting as my hands are so small the ring can impact my grip just a little. I went for a darker colour this time as it will be more practical for not getting dirty. Delighted again, very comfortable and a great fit.

Thanks for your review Eimear. Enjoy your Barbell Band silicone ring. Happy training!

Judith M.
Good item

Great service as usual. Bought this for deadlifts and bench. Make sure you check your size I ordered the wrong size so now I have two.

Thanks for your review Judith. Hope you are all keeping well! Enjoy the Barbell Band.

Kim M.
Great fitting and comfortable

Great rings and comfortable for work and workouts

Thanks for your review Kim. Enjoy your Barbell Band. Happy training!

Daniel M.
Great Product

I have one and have bought this Barbell Band for my wife. Fantastic for a secondary alternative to a metallic wedding band.

Thanks for your review Daniel. We hope that you and your wife enjoy the Barbell Bands. Wishing you all the best.

Barbell band

Brilliant product, I wear it every day. Its comfy to train in and its looks great.

Thanks for your review - we appreciate it. Enjoy your Barbell Band. Happy training!

Sue R.
Fabulous service

Fabulous service, and fast delivery
Great item, perfect for the gym and lifting weights, can't wait to order another one, only problem is choosing which colour!

Thanks for your review Sue. We hope you will enjoy the Barbell Band. Good luck choosing your next colour... it's difficult when there are so many nice colours! Best wishes.