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Fantastic starter straps

These straps are brilliant value, if you want to give figure 8 straps a try but don't want to spend a lot then these are the ones!! Quality is fab and work brilliant 👍 again another amazing product from Pioneer

SABO powerlift

Having researched many powerlifting shoes, chose these because they are good quality and excellent value for money. They arrived two days after ordering and are a perfect fit - thanks to the measurement guide provided. I find the shoe itself much more stable than the Adidas Power I have been using for the last 4 years. Good quality product and excellent service - thanks for the Haribo 😊

Brilliant Customer Service

I would only ever buy pioneer or powerlifting type goods from Darren and Emma who are fantastic people!


Belt is fantastic couldnt believe the hand written note from the guys, such a nice touch and shows they really care! tempted for a pair of shoes now

Better than SBD in my opinion

Prefer it to my SBD belt. It’s light, compact and comfortable. My lifting partner both the same one after trying it.

Dead lift socks

Comfortable fit and true to size. Will be ordering more.x

SABO GoodLift for a good lift

After already having purchased the SABO Deadlifts I became curious about the GoodLifts. Even though the SABO Deadlifts worked well for Squats, I was missing a bit of foot stability. And boy do the Goodlifts deliver! In my opinion the best non-heeled shoes money can buy for Powerlifting! Sole point which could be better are the shoe laces, which are a bit to hard, so that they tend to open, if you don't bind them with a double knot.

Excellent Service

I ordered a Pioneer cut 10mm belt. Item was dispatched and delivered quickly and exactly as described. Great product and excellent service!

My first competition with the SABO Deadlift shoes

After 25 weeks of training I have used the SABO Deadlift Red/Black for the first time in a competion (German Championships 2019 in Düsseldorf). Before I used deadlift slippers in competions and now the SABO. I had a new PR and a new German national record in the Powerlifting M4 class. So I am really happy with them.

Great lifting shoes

Got me some Sabo's after a friend recommended them. These shoes are awesome. The provide stability and grip like nothing else. Al my big lifts benefit from them. Deadlift, squats, split squats, and so on. Even bench is more convenient because of the grip they provide... All in all, there Sabo's are great!

Love this t-shirt

Bought this t-shirt just because it caught my eye when buying done Sabo Deadlifts and I’m so glad I did. The print and fabric are both high quality and as a women this fits me really well unlike some t-shirts designed for the unisex market. It’s quickly become one of my favourites

Wish I’d bought these sooner!

Always fancied some Sabo Deadlifts but only got around to treating myself recently. They are so good to lift in that I wish I’d bought them earlier. You can feel the floor so much better in these and the straps mean there is no foot movement within the shoe either. Absolutely love them. Service from 9for9 was top class too!

Perfect shoes for me.

I have pretty wide feet and my coach told me these would probably fit me.
He was totally right ! Those are the best deadlift shoes i've ever had.
The delivery was fast and 9for9 very responsive when i contacted them to get the tracking number for my shoes :)

Will definitly order again from this website when i need new gear !

Sabo Powerlift

Fantastic, solid squat shoes! Couldn't be happier with Darren and Emma's customer service too 😊

sabo deadlifting shoes

I got these because the guy at reccomended them and i have to say i've not been dissapointed. I had some knee problems which i think were due to not enough stability (low bar squatting 160kg and deadlift 200kg for max). These shoes together with additional excercises really helped. now i feel much more stable and glued to the ground!

Lilliebridge wrist wraps

Really like using these they provide great support and stability.

Would highly recommend

Love this T-shirt. Very good material and feels good.

V Good Quality and you get Looks for sure

Thick material. V good quality. Longivity guaranteed. Funny design makes sure you get some attention!

Nothing short of amazing, love my SABO shoes!

I ordered the SABO Deadlift in black (+ red laces because you know... SBD <3), I've had the chance to try them out for about a month now and I absolutely love them. These shoes were recommended to me by my coach, and I will honestly never use my Chucks to deadlift again now! They are close to the floor, light and comfortable to walk around the gym and lift in, yet secure enough to stay stable on the ground while also leaving some wiggle room for your toes. They don't slip and tightness can be adjusted with the laces + the straps. Used the sizing guide and they fit extremely well, couldn't be happier.

Good buy

Great sizing guide. Fit is tight to the foot in all the right places, straps offer great additional support to reduce movement of the shoe. The bottom of the shoe offers good grip to the ground, despite intentionally being as thin as possible they're surprisingly comfortable. Price tag is reasonable and the product arrived promptly, great service. They have definitely been a worthwhile purchase; at least from the perspective of a conventional deadlift. I wouldn't train in anything else.

Pioneer Cut FTW!

A really great belt, indeed. Amazing quality. Fits like a glove with the Pioneer Cut 1/2 inch increments and no ”breaking in”.

Great service

Ordered my sabo deadlift shoes with the excellent sizing information on the website, once ordered delivery was within a few days.

First class service will use again

As for the shoes they give you a planted feel on the floor, I have found they slip a little on wide sumo but I’m sure this will reduce with use..

Superb, precise deadlift shoes

Deadlift is my darling and lime green is my colour, so a few months ago I decided to treat myself to some of these Sabo deadlifting shoes. Having used them in very heavy sessions twice a week for 3 months now, I'm so glad I got them - these are excellent.

These shoes give you a supported, firm feeling while giving you a "barefoot" feel. The sole and shoe shape are sculpted nicely to the foot and the heel is very thin - you won't want to wear them for a run, but for deadlifting they are perfect. When I'm deadlifting I feel planted, precise, low to the ground, firm... and fabulous.

Because I'm shallow, a great part is they look awesome. In 3 months I've had 8 people tell me my shoes look great. So I've bought them their own little bag and will never wear them outside, so they always stay looking mint.

The support they give is similar to that of a snug boot. The double strap keeps them firmly wrapped onto you, and keeps the laces out of the way. The fit is what I'd describe as "exact", almost painted on. I bought Rus 42 for my UK 10 feet - spot-on for deadlifting, I'd recommend getting your exact size. However if you want to wear them casually, I'd go half a size up for some wiggle room.

The problem I have now is I've loved deadlifting in them so much I've neglected my squat, which I need to fix. Therefore I can't endorse these better than to say my next training purchase will be a pair of Sabo Powerlifting shoes, from 9for9 (great service by the way, thank you). In lime green.

SABO Deadlift (Lime Green)