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Iron Tanks

Iron Tanks Bolster Bench Band (Immortal Black)

Iron Tanks Bolster Bench Band (Immortal Black)

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The Bench Band is designed to allow you to overload on exercises such as Bench Press, Dips and Pushups. Using this piece of equipment enables you to perform more repetitions using a heavier amount of weight, all whilst taking the pressure off your shoulder and elbow joints.

The Bench Band is suitable for volume-based and maximal loading, and it promotes proper form so you can maintain the correct technique under load.

Iron Tanks' bench band is constructed from a premium cotton-elastane matrix to last the rigours of the toughest training regimes.

Bench Bands are available in various sizes and stiffness deniers to cover all training requirements and experience levels. They are also suitable for all lifters, from novices to veterans.

Product Features:

  • Aids to increase upper body strength
  • Reduce stress on the chest, shoulders and elbows
  • Helps maintain technique under load
  • Suitable for powerlifting, bodybuilding & bodyweight movements
  • Black in colour with iconic orange logo
  • Single piece design
  • Unisex

Sizing Details:

  • Step 1 - Measure the circumference of your biceps, 7cm above the elbow joint
  • Step 2 - Refer to size chart

Resistance Information:

The differences between the deniers is the amount of resistance provided by the bands.

  • Bolster (Grade 2) resistance is suitable for a 5-10% overload than your 1RM. It is suitable for lifters of all experience levels, and provides assistance with bodyweight movements such as pushups and dips, or assistance on the bench at lower load levels (<120kg / 264lbs).
  • Ironclad (Grade 3 resistance) is suitable for a 10-15% overload than your 1RM. Recommended for intermediate-advanced lifters using loads of (>120kg / 264lbs) and above.  

Safety Information:

  • Always have a spotter when using this piece of equipment.
  • The Iron Bench Band is meant to be worn in front of the body and is for upper body use only
  • Purchase with peace of mind - money back guaranteed!

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