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Pioneer Cut Powerlifting Belt – 13mm thick – 4" wide (Two Tone Suede)

Pioneer Cut Powerlifting Belt – 13mm thick – 4" wide (Two Tone Suede)

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Pioneer Cut Powerlifting Belt – 13mm thick – 4" wide (Two Tone Suede)

● Pioneer Cut system - offset holes allow 0.5” adjustment. Superior adjustability to standard belts. Patented design (no. 112244531)

● Perfect fit and tightness every time even with day to day weight fluctuations / fullness / bloating. Also very easy to get on and off.

● The ultimate in flexibility. Want your belt tighter for squats and a bit looser for deadlifts? The Pioneer Cut has you covered.

● Quality sole leather and garment suede. Sourced in the USA. 

● Edges are bevelled so they do not dig in.

● Supportive but also exceptionally comfortable due to construction and quality materials.

● Handcrafted in the USA. Remarkable build quality and value.

● Lifetime Guarantee.

Belts out of stock, sizes XXXL + or your own colour combo can be ordered (4-6 week lead time). Please contact us so we can get your belt made.





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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Joost H.
    Just Great

    Its been a year or so since ive ordered this belt. My first review was my first reaction. Even though the product is quite expensive, the lifetime guarantee beat belts like strengthshop or barbelts. The pioneer belt is just more durable and rigid.
    I bought the belt because it was a better choice to spend more money in once than having to buy a new belt every year. This belt has been the key for a lot of PR's on heavy lifts since the day ive had it. Since i bought it and started bracing correctly my squat 1RM has increased by nearly 40kg and my deadlift has increased by 20kg!
    Even though its expensive its still cheaper than the SBD, which in my opinion is very hard to break in.
    It was a hard choice between a prong belt and a lever belt, but the prong doesnt dissapoint, You cant force a prong belt to go tighter than its supposed to be, once its locked in you need to brace correctly in order to optimize the belt, instead of just squeezing yourself to death in a lever belt. A prong belt really makes u feel everything your doing and gives u more confidence in your technique IMO.

    the belt has been through quite a lot already and everything is intact, the leather is fits like a glove and the stitching hasnt let loose. Everything works perfect and the patented half inch prongs make it really easy to adjust to perfect tightness when switching from a jumper to a t shirt mid workout, you can also use it to go a little tighter on the belt as you go heavier in sets. It's also very easy to share the belt with a gym buddy since the size range is huge. Im 80 KG and my buddy who is 110KG just fits in the belt, i dont see this belt getting too small or too big anytime in my life!

    Overall just a great belt, the colours are beautiful (black outside, red inside) and the durability, sizing and fitting are just unmatched in my opinion. Take that with the lifetime guarantee and its money wel spent!

    Thanks for your detailed follow-up review Joost. Enjoy your Pioneer Cut Powerlifting Belt. Happy training!

    Joost H.
    Just got it in

    I just got my belt in and i immediately fell in love, the stitching is just spot on and satisfying to see and the suede is even better looking in reality.

    At first i had my doubts because i went a bit over budget and was stressing if the belt would fit me, after remeasuring i wanted to switch to a size S after ordering an M. Even though this was my mistake Emma fixed it for me and got me an S. Seeing it now and wearing it makes me feel so happy i did go over budget. Its an amazing belt and immediately feels like it will last you for life, cant wait to use it!

    Thanks for your review Joost. Enjoy your Pioneer Cut Powerlifting Belt. Happy training!

    Nick C.
    Pioneer cut 13mm 4" wide two tone belt

    i purchased the grey belt with red Inner, its a extremely well made product, even better than the pictures, and the customer service from 9for9 is excellent, as it has always been in my other purchases. 10/10.

    Thanks for your review Nick. Enjoy your Pioneer belt! Happy training.

    Ilkka K.
    Best belt I’ve owned!

    Thick, solid belt with holes every 1/2 inch so you can always get the right tightness. Great build quality as expected, definetely worth the price!

    Thanks for your review Ilkka! Enjoy your Pioneer Cut belt and wishing you all the best with your training.