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  • Pioneer Cut™ "Stock" Powerlifting Belt – 13mm thick – 4" wide - 9 for 9
  • Pioneer Cut™ "Stock" Powerlifting Belt – 13mm thick – 4" wide - 9 for 9
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Pioneer Cut™ "Stock" Powerlifting Belt – 13mm thick – 4" wide

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Pioneer Cut - 13mm thick - 4" wide - "Stock" Powerlifting Belt

● Pioneer Cut system - offset holes allow 0.5” adjustment. Superior adjustability to standard belts. Patented design (no. 112244531)

● Perfect fit and tightness every time even with day to day weight fluctuations / fullness / bloating. Also very easy to get on and off.

● The ultimate in flexibility. Want your belt tighter for squats and a bit looser for deadlifts? The Pioneer Cut has you covered.

● Quality sole leather. Sourced in the USA.

● Black dyed leather (outside). Black raw leather (inside). Black stitching. Black buckle. 'PIONEER' embossed on the back.

●  The black dyed leather is more pliable than the original black stock Pioneer Cut belt.

● Edges are bevelled so they do not dig in.

● Supportive but also exceptionally comfortable due to construction and quality materials.

● Handcrafted in the USA. Remarkable build quality and value.

● Lifetime Guarantee.





    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Adam H.
    Epic as always

    Never disappointed with you guys great products amazing service and you really care about your customers will be back soon for more

    Paul L.
    Pioneer - Best belts on the market

    I was looking for a 13mm single prong and have heard about the excellent quality Pioneer is offering.
    So far I've been testing my new belt for only one deadlift session but I am totally satisfied.
    That thing really is a beauty of a belt!
    My last belt costed half as much but recently after 5 years started falling apart. So this time I didn't want to make a compromise. The Pioneer feels rock Solid and is expected to last for ever.

    Especially compared to other brands (SBD, Inzer...) you get a great belt for a fair price.

    Highly recommend!

    Thanks for your review Paul. Enjoy your Pioneer Cut Powerlifting Belt. Happy training!

    Valentin C.
    Amazing Belt

    Before to order i made a little research on internet and i was between SBD , INZER and PIONEER. I’m happy cuz in the end my choice was PIONEER . Before to try this belt on my training progam I been a little sceptical is so good as other peoples say is . Now i know is my best partner for squats sessions , deadlifts and for any other havy lifts movements .In past i have some issues with my lower back and this belt give awesome support and i’m more confident on my moves .She keep u tight and u can focus just on your moves without worry’s about u can lose perfect execution and have a injury. The belt must be cracked but is not very stiff , definitely i recommend this product .

    Thanks for your review Valentin. Enjoy your Pioneer belt. Happy training!

    Niall G.
    Awesome belt!

    Absolutely awesome belt. I had previously been using a semi cheap double pronged belt, it had lasted about 6/7 years but was starting to fall apart. Having seen some recommendations on the pioneer belts, I decided to pull the trigger.

    Whilst there are cheaper belts out there I would definitely spend the extra money. The belt is solid, you can really brace against it, however it's suprisingly comfortable, you barely need to break it in and the pioneer cut allows for the perfect fit.

    Would highly recommend!

    Thanks for your review Niall. Enjoy your Pioneer belt. Happy lifting!

    Nick J.
    So THAT’S what a belt is meant to feel like!

    Incredible belt. First time using it I put 10kg on my best set of 5 squats (coming from a cheap 10mm 4” belt)

    It was a little difficult to get on at first because the leather is SO stiff that I couldn’t bend it around the uprights in the rack to snug it up. I spent 20mins rolling and unrolling the end of the belt and it went on a dream after that.

    The pioneer cut is game-changing, but I’m also finding that because the belt is SO stiff and supportive that I can actually wear it a hair looser than my previous belt and get a more air and better brace without sacrificing belt pressure.

    Quality materials, fantastic construction, looks great, smells great, first class customer service too. Couldn’t be happier.

    I’ll never buy another belt.

    Thanks for your review Nick. Enjoy your Pioneer belt. Happy lifting!

    Tom S.
    Brilliant belt, not a gimmick

    This belt is awesome. Functionally, it is very stiff (it's taken me a few months to break in) and really supportive; I can feel the increased support from my previous belt.
    It's best feature, however is the 1/2 inch hole spacing, which is absolutely not a gimmick and I often find myself wondering how I used a belt without this feature before.
    The buckle is solid and the build quality is second to none.
    If you're even considering this belt, just buy it, it's worth every penny.

    Thank you very much for your review Tom. We are pleased to hear that you are enjoying your belt and that you are happy with the quality. All the best with your training.

    Andy V.

    First powerlifting belt. Really good quality. Already comfortable to use.

    Thanks for your review Andy. Enjoy your Pioneer Cut powerlifting belt. Happy training!

    The last belt you'll ever buy...

    The last belt you'll ever buy, until you start looking at the custom belts pioneer do then it will become a very expensive habit/hobby.

    Love this belt, comfortable, supportive, the pioneer cut (½ inch staggered holes) is a game changer. I've had other belts including a lever belt from a certain strong shop. Spend the extra, buy a Pioneer, you won't regret it. (Photo is after 8 months of hard use & it's handled everything i can throw at it.)

    Thanks for your review Jack. Enjoy your Pioneer Cut belt. Happy lifting!

    Perfect belt

    This belt is awesome. Cant think of anything that I'd change. Its very supportive but not too stiff for me and has the best buckle ever made. Highly recommended. Black also looks very good.

    Thanks for your review - we appreciate it. We hope that you will enjoy your Pioneer Cut belt. May it serve you well. Happy lifting!