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Pioneer Cut "Stock" Powerlifting Belt – 13mm thick – 4" wide

Pioneer Cut "Stock" Powerlifting Belt – 13mm thick – 4" wide

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Pioneer Cut "Stock" Powerlifting Belt - 13mm thick - 4" wide

● Pioneer Cut system - offset holes allow 0.5” adjustment. Superior adjustability to standard belts. Patented design (no. 112244531)

● Perfect fit and tightness every time even with day to day weight fluctuations / fullness / bloating. Also very easy to get on and off.

● The ultimate in flexibility. Want your belt tighter for squats and a bit looser for deadlifts? The Pioneer Cut has you covered.

● Quality sole leather. Sourced in the USA.

● Black dyed leather (outside). Black raw leather (inside). Black stitching. Black buckle. 'PIONEER' embossed on the back.

●  The black dyed leather is more pliable than the original black stock Pioneer Cut belt.

● Edges are bevelled so they do not dig in.

● Supportive but also exceptionally comfortable due to construction and quality materials.

● Handcrafted in the USA. Remarkable build quality and value.

● Lifetime Guarantee.

Please note - due to the construction and materials used this is a stiff belt. The leather will break in with use but this belt will always be stiff. If you prefer a belt that is less stiff we would recommend 10mm suede or 13mm suede.





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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Heather P.
    Awesome belt

    I do love this belt. I was worried it'd be too much as I'm new to lifting heavy but it feels great, looks great and improves my lifting no end. Such good quality. Many people at the gym I go to use the same (different colours etc)

    Thanks for your review Heather. Enjoy your Pioneer Cut Powerlifting Belt. Happy training!

    Kostadin K.
    The belt is like the Woman (the support), without her you are nowhere!!! ✌️

    Thank you 9for9 !!! Here is my new companion in life (squats). I highly recommend from 160 kg now I squat with 180 for one repetition. Together we move forward 🤝

    Thanks for your review Kostadin. Enjoy your Pioneer powerlifting belt. Happy training!

    Mihael A.
    Great Quality Belt

    Just received my Pioneer Cut Belt as I have outgrown my old Inzer 10mm belt. I am really impressed by the built quality of the Pioneer belt, I went with 13mm to see how the difference will feel. I loved that it was easier to break in by the Inzer one, even though it is thicker at 13mm, I just rolled it by hands for around and already noticed how much nicer it felt than my old one. It feels very stable and after my first squatting session today I am really impressed by the support it provides!

    Thanks for your review Mihael. Enjoy your Pioneer Cut Powerlifting Belt. Happy lifting!

    Luke C.
    A great belt

    Needed a new belt for a while and picking a pioneer one was definitely the right choice.

    Thanks for your review Luke. Enjoy your Pioneer Cut Powerlifting Belt. Happy training!

    A beast of a belt that needs a bit of taming!

    I've had this belt for about a month now and I'd never used a 13mm belt before so it's been a learning experience trying to tame this beast. The build quality is superb - like all Pioneer belts - as was the delivery from 949 as always.

    First impressions were wow it's incredibly stiff and thick and heavy - the extra 3mm of thickness really makes a significant difference compared to a 10mm belt. It's quite easy getting into and out of the belt - getting out just pull the buckle away from the prong and pull the belt out and even from the tightest position it doesn't require much effort.

    The main challenge is wearing the belt in the right position to enable best and most comfortable bracing. I normally wear my belts low as I have a short torso and lean forward a lot on squats and pulls. With this belt I have to wear it a bit higher otherwise it can move up the back a bit when I go down. This is especially so when doing a conventional deadlift though it's somewhat avoided by taking a breath before going down. For squats wearing the belt higher can be a bit harder when going down as it can dig into your sides and ribs when bracing so proper positioning of this belt is a bit harder than a 10mm belt. It's probably best suited for longer torso lifters who can stay more vertical at the bottom of the squats and pulls or sumo lifters or those who just prefer wearing their belts higher.

    It's a great belt for overhead lifts and trap bar pulls where I can stay more upright during the lift. I think I still prefer a 10mm belt for conventional pulls and low bar squats but in time hopefully this belt will get a bit softer and more pliable and it will work better for those lifts too.

    Overall I'm happy with the belt it's incredibly supportive and built to last and hopefully with age it will become a bit more soft and cuddly!

    Thanks for your detailed review - we appreciate it. Enjoy your Pioneer Cut Powerlifting Belt. Happy training!

    Ian P.
    The King of Belts

    I have been lifting for many many years and have owned many different belts.This belt is the Ultimate Belt and i wish i could have got a belt like this way back. If you are looking for a Solid Heavy Robust and Comfortable belt look no further. I am Delighted with it.

    Thanks for your review Ian. Enjoy your Pioneer Cut powerlifting belt. Happy training!