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Pioneer Fitness Hip Hop Band - Level 0

Pioneer Fitness Hip Hop Band - Level 0

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From Pioneer:

"AKA the Hoopy Loopy Butt Band Thingy!

Everyone needs a booty band nowadays. These things were originally designed to strengthen your posterior chain. They also help as a mental cue for athletes to force their knees out while squatting enforcing
proper technique.

So when I figured out the lengths and build process, I knew it was a fit. Pretty much everyone has them… but the consumer grossly overpays for them as they are made out of inexpensive material and are very simple to produce. Ours are made with American-made elastic, leather patch from right here in Pioneer HQ, and built to our standards. The elastic in this initial offering is what we are going to call our “light” version. We can/will offer different strengths in the future."

A quick dynamic warm-up with the hip band could look like this:

  • Position the hip band just above the knee
  • Walk forwards (about 30m) keeping your feet straight
  • Walk backwards (about 30m) keeping your feet straight
  • A progression with walking would be a side-step motion pushing your legs forward and out to the side as you go
  • Side steps (about 30m) keeping your feet straight
  • A progression on side steps would be to do the movement in a semi-squat position (bent at the hips, keeping your chest up and back neutral)
  • Squats (approx. 10-20) keeping knees out
  • You can incorporate static squat holds too if you wish

Not only will using a hip band help improve mobility and thus help improve your form/position during your lifts it can also help improve performance. Read more about Post-Activation Potentiation here.

  • Durable surgical elastic
  • Heavy-duty stitching
  • 100% Made in the USA

Size guide:

  • Small (28") - Up to 80kg (176lbs)
  • Medium (30") - 80-115kg (176-253lbs)
  • Large (32") - 115kg+ (253lbs+)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Cristina I.
Useless for advanced training

Really not worthy, very deceiving

Thanks for your review Cristina. I am sorry to hear that you do not like the Pioneer Hip Hop Band. We are concerned to see you state that the product is deceiving since we (and Pioneer) do not set out to deceive anyone. Also you state it is useless for advanced training but this band is Level 0 so is very stretchy. You might like to consider a band with a higher level if you need something with more resistance (perhaps Level 4 or 5). Also I note you opted for a large size; you may also need a smaller size (please double check the size guide within the product description). You can return the hip band to us for a refund and then re-order a different one if you wish.

Jake D.
Great band

Very comfortable band for warming up with. Still relatively strong, this is more than enough resistance for activation work

Many thanks for leaving a review Jake. It is great to hear that you like the band. All the best.

Gem L.
Excellent quality band

This will likely last for a very long time as it's not made of cheap fabric, or rubber that will eventually split or irritate the skin

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review Gem. We are pleased you like the hip band. Enjoy!