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w.o.d.welder Hands as Rx Cream (2oz / 59ml)

w.o.d.welder Hands as Rx Cream (2oz / 59ml)

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w.o.d.welder Hands as Rx Cream (2oz / 59ml)

The quickest way to rips and tears (and sitting out while they heal) is to have under-hydrated hands with thick calluses.

w.o.d.welder's all natural Hands as Rx Cream provides the following:
• A fast absorbed skin cream that will keep your hands and palms
supple and hydrated.
• Counteracts the drying effects of chalk, and the grinding your hands take
on the bar, the bells, ropes, your endless pull ups.

Don't worry--Hands as Rx isn't a hand cream for wimps, and it also doesn't breakdown the calluses that you need. It simply hydrates skin and allows it to breath and maintain elasticity.

Benefits of key ingredients:
• Allantoin: a cell regenerator that protects skin by sealing in moisture, 
and helps with wound healing and tissue regeneration. 
• Lanolin: a naturally occurring wax that holds moisture to the skin 
while still allowing it to breath. 
• Essential oils of Peppermint and Eucalyptus: smell great and lend 
a cooling sensation to the skin while providing antimicrobial abilities. 

Your hands will thank you for it. Used daily, you will see smoother hands in no time, and no more rips and pain.

2oz (59ml) Glass Jar


Water, Beeswax, Glycerin, Mineral Oil, Lanolin, Allantoin, Sorbic Acid, Peppermint Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Essential Oil wod welder

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Adam P.
Great product!

It's not greasy, keeps calluses soft and definitely helps healing with any torn hands. Great product!

Thank you for your review Adam. We're thrilled to hear that the Hands as Rx cream is keeping your calluses soft. If you get any bad torn calluses then we would recommend the Solid Salve - it is amazing and healing up rips and tears!

Top quality service

Top quality service of a hard-to-find item. The hand cream is always hard to find, but it was on my doorstep within two days, at a very good price.

Thanks for your review - we appreciate it! Enjoy your w.o.d.welder Hands as Rx Cream. Happy training!

Stan M.

w.o.d.welder Hands as Rx Cream (2oz)

Thanks for your review Stan. Enjoy the w.o.d.welder Hands as Rx Cream. Happy training!

Hand cream

This helps keep your hands in good condition after deadlifting. My wife has also started stealing it though.

Thanks for your review Tom. Enjoy the w.o.d.welder Hands as Rx cream. Happy training!

Iain S.
Great Service and Company

Very happy with the service and products provided. Will definitely recomend to others.
The bath salts and bombs are great. The WoD welder hand cream is a game changer. Excellent product.
Thank you

Thanks for your review Iain. Enjoy your w.o.d.welder products. Happy training!

Paul L.
Good for Calouses

The cream feels very heavy duty and great for callouses and tough skin. It really gets in there. Quite a small jar, but you don't need much. Also very good for after you have used chalk and your hands are really dry. Better than using generic hand cream from a supermarket. Smells good.

Thanks for your review Paul. Keep on top of those calluses and keep smashing your training!