Wild Country Liquid Chalk (200ml) - 9 for 9

Wild Country Liquid Chalk (200ml)

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We have tried many different types of chalk (yes really!) and Wild Country is our favourite!

Liquid chalk is an ideal solution if your gym does not allow loose chalk and is also really useful for applying to t-shirts while benching for extra grip; and some people just prefer it to loose chalk. This liquid chalk is quick drying delivering sweat free grippy hands in seconds.

If your gym allows chalk and you prefer that then we also have chalk ballsblock chalk and loose chalk too!

Customer Reviews

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Easy and effective

I decided to stop using straps for my deadlifts (unless it's high rep sets) and the chalk has been super helpful for my lifts. I use about a grape size blob and that lasts for ~8 or so sets, I sometimes need to reapply depending on how much Im touching my water bottle or changing plates etc in between sets.

James L.
A little goes a long way

Probably the best liquid chalk I've used. Even a small amount will keep your hands dry and your grip secure. Beats the heck out of the cookie cutter stuff you get from MP or eBay.

Thanks for your review James - we appreciate it. We are so glad that you like the liquid chalk and it is working well for you. Happy lifting!

Dan w.
Liquid chalk

Liquid chalk is the way to go! Im used to using chalk blocks but this stuff is much better! Cleaner, works better and covers really well

Thanks for the review Dan. Pleased you like the liquid chalk - we've tried a lot and this one if our favourite! Happy lifting.

Spot on

Ideal to have in the gym, I find I have to top my hands up a bit more than I would like, but maybe i'm just a bit fussy and want more than needed on. Dries your hands out well!

Thanks for your review Chris. I personally use way more chalk than most people so quite possibly. Usually it will give a good coating with a fairly small application. Let us know if we can help further.

Jessamine R.
A little goes a long way

Really enjoying this chalk, it’s much lighter than other products I have used, and only takes a thin layer to achieve a good grip. The only downside of it is the smell, it’s really sharp and chemical. The positives far outweigh the negatives though and I would buy it again.

Thanks for your review Jessamine. We appreciate your feedback and we will pass it on to Wild Country.