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Obsidian Hype Dust

Obsidian Hype Dust

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Hype Dust™ has been carefully developed to replicate the strength and consistency of ampule-style smelling salts that everyone knows and loves. Every bottle is produced in small batches to ensure quality and 100% ANHYDROUS with absolutely NO WATER REQUIRED. EVER!

Hype Dust replaces Obsidian Original (for all you Original fans out there) - Hype Dust uses the same formula but comes in a bigger bottle with a new metal cap. For those not familiar with Obsidian Original we have included the reviews to give you an idea of the performance of this new Hype Dust (just bear in mind that it is even better!).


While Obsidian is pre-activated and ready to go on delivery with no need to add water, an unopened bottle will remain fresh and potent until you finally open it. Once opened Obsidian will pull moisture from the environment to keep things spicy for up to six months.

No liquids to spill, no water to add, just good sniffs and heavy lifts.


Nothing is worse than buying a new bottle of ammonia only to find out that it's gone flat after only a few weeks. That's why Obsidian used high-grade materials and a dash of science to formulate the longest-lasting smelling salts on the market, bar-none.


The potency of Hype Dust will be affected by cold temperatures.  This is an unavoidable characteristic of the materials used and is common among non-liquid smelling salt. 

Optimal performance can be obtained at room temperature (20°C/73°F)


If your bottle has lost potency you may be able to squeeze some more life out of it by warming it up to reactivate the production of ammonia.  

You can gently warm your bottle in hot water (90-100 C) for a few minutes, or toss it in the microwave on high for 8-10 seconds. Your mileage may vary.

Manufactured with pride in London, Ontario, Canada

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Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Samuel J.

Hype Dust lives up to the hype and 9for9 are the best retailer, fast shipping, well packaged and you'll feel well looked after!

Thanks for your review Samuel. Enjoy your Obsidian Hype Dust ammonia / smelling salts. Happy training!

Great service

Excellent service and the products are great quality

Thanks for your review Sophie. We hope you enjoy the Obsidian Hype Dust ammonia / smelling salts and it helps with your training!

Chris B.
Not strong enough and faded quickly

I can see why people these as they do give a bit of a hit, but unfortunately for me they weren't quite strong enough and they faded pretty quickly

First class service from 9for9 as always though

Thanks for your review Chris. Hype Dust works a bit differently to conventional ammonia. It’s important to not fully remove the cap and only tip it open from one side, sniffing from the opening. This allows the ammonia vapours to accumulate and stop them from escaping quickly. Removing the cap fully also results in the salts fading and not lasting as long (Hype Dust should last about 3-6 months with typical use). If you have followed this method please contact us. Otherwise, maybe you are just used to stronger ammonia. If so, I would recommend trying Dim Mak or Nitro (only available while stocks last) or Nose Bleach (which is insanely strong).

Great salts

really good stuff from Obsidian. Tried these and melted my face off. was subsequently humbled to find that these are the weakest salts they do! They did the trick for me anyway.

Thanks for your review Neal. We hope that the Obsidian Hype Dust ammona / smelling salts help with some big lifts!

Great Service

Use 9for9 for a lot of my powerlifting kit. Always good service, prompt dispatch time and regular updates. Never had any issues. Always get a nice message and some sweet treats too which is an added bonus.

Thanks for your review and valued loyal custom Sam. We hope that the Obsidian Hype Dust ammonia / smelling salts help with your training.

Matthew F.
Great smelling salts

Hype dust smelling salts are a good product they are strong without taking your face off just the right amount of boost without losing focus. Another great product from a great company. I brought these for a comp, 47kg fed pb so they certainly helped for the big lifts.

Thanks for your review Matthew. Congrats on your PB! We hope there are many more to come. Happy training.