Obsidian Ammonia | How to use

Obsidian Hype Dust (also Original - now discontinued) ammonia inhalant is made with pre-activated dry ingredients so it works differently to liquid ammonia. Obsidian UltraUltra MentholSaiyan SaltsUltra 10W30 and Dim Mak combine wet and dry ingredients and also works differently to liquid ammonia.

Obsidian Hype Dust and Menthol use pre-activated dry ingredients which pull moisture from the environment. It is therefore important to open the lid slowly and hinged from the back. This allows vapours to accumulate within the bottle before you inhale.

Obsidian Nose Bleach is made with pure ammonia and does not need any activation. Carefully tip the lid as shown below and proceed with extreme caution!

If you are used to conventional smelling salts then using Obsidian requires a slightly different approach in terms of use. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - The advanced method should only be used on Obsidian Hype Dust and Obsidian Menthol. DO NOT use the advanced method on Obsidian Ultra, Ultra Menthol, Saiyan SaltsUltra 10W30Dim Mak or Nose Bleach.

Obsidian Hype Dust now comes with a metal lid. This is normally safe to put in most modern microwaves. However, if you are unsure please use the hot bath method only.