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Darren & Emma

Based on 4949 reviews
Amazing !

Love these wraps…Took a few goes to see where the felt the best but once you get them right,they are solid…
Prefer these singles 👌

Wrist wraps

Great set of wrist wraps …Comfortable and not too tight however,if you want them a little tighter they are pretty stretchy…Very versatile wrap

Fantastic results

After much searching and research I decided to go with this Bick LP because of its nature ingredients. I've used this on my Indian motorcycles leather seats and panniers, it really does do what it says on the tin . Easy to apply, conditions and restores the leather to original look and added bonus it really does waterproof, living in the UK we get our fair share of rain. Definitely recommend and will be purchasing again.

Great belt

As a beginner lifter this is my first belt I ever used, I didn't really know what to expect, how would it feel, what exact size should I get. This really is a good belt for this reason, as I can easily experiment with different steps while adjusting the belt, also the bevelled edge doesn't bite that hard into your skin. And since the belt has a high build quality and it is rather massive, it should be useful for many years to come.
Originally I was thinking about an other belt with a lever, and the team was very helpful with their support regarding my questions.


Fast dispatch, amazing quality as always with pioneer. I have, and always will, recommend this company to anyone. Here is a video of it getting put through its paces.
Thanks Darren and Emma! YouTube video placeholder
Lovely product

Recently ordered for a competition and asked Darren and Emma for advice on which headbands would go with my trainers! Quick response and some ideas of which to choose from was super helpful as they’re all really nice! Fast delivery and I would certainly recommend!

Great product and supplier ♡

Feed Me Fight Me THICK Tank (White/Gold)
Nice fit and cool tank top

I bought this recently on sale. Wasn't sure whether to get xxl or xl sizing so went for xxl. It fits really nicely, easy to get on and off! The material is quite thin but it's been fine for squatting, bench pressing etc and perfect for warm days. Love the design too with the gold letters. I liked it so much I bought another one - xl this time (all they had in stock) and although it's a bit more snug it's still a good fit. Great packaging and delivery as usual from 949!

Feed Me Fight Me Get Elevated Structured Performance Tee (Heather Grey / Cardinal Red)
Fantastic tee

Love Feed Me Fight Me t-shirts. The small size fits me perfectly (38" chest) and they are super comfortable. Appealing design. Overall probably too good for wearing in the garage gym! Save for best? Only kidding.... maybe.

Great fun - quality sticker

High quality vinyl sticker with a fun and cool design for the front of your training log book or wherever. Great motivation.


Very pleased with this purchase, great shoes for grid pump etc. very smooth and quick purchase with fast delivery. It has been a pleasure to support a small business. I was not aware that it was due to the professional look of the website.

Great Product, Phenomenal Customer Experience

The ordering process was smooth and even the shipping to the Nordics was fast and reliable. After testing the belt I can only say it is everything I had hoped for. My thanks to 9for9 staff for making Pioneer products accesible to the Euro market. Thank you for an excellent purchase experience!

Very happy with rings

Ordered a ring for my partner and I, and we love them! We both wear them all the time, and couldn't be happier with the quality, style, and price.

Fantastic fit, great quality

Looking for a longer top rather than a wider one and this one hit the spot exactly! Super comfy and long enough to cover my torso during workouts

Phenomenal after over a month

I saw AJ Styles wearing one of these and thought they would be good for a workout and stop my long hair from getting into my eyes.

I ended up using them much more than I thought I would and use them around my house and in my back garden when I have been building the patio, planter and resurfacing.

I've sweated in them and used them every weekend and washed them multiple times.

They're still in full elasticity and not faded either.

They are are phenomenal.
The retailer was also phenomenal and left my a gift in my box too.

Extremely comfortable tee with a great design

Feed Me Fight Me Tee-shirts fit me extremely well (size Small). This tee has a great design and is extremely comfortable. Great price in the sale and excellent customer service from '9 for 9', as always.

Great t shirt. True sizes. Great quality.

Love this top from KFKF print is brilliant and the fit is perfect

Kinda Fit Kinda Fat Dr Crumb Varsity Sticker
Stefanie S.
Top quality. Fast shipping

Will definitely order again!

Great headband and great service!

I’d fallen in love with junk headbands after buying one in the US and was so glad to find 9 for 9 selling them in the UK! This one is so soft but stays on even during the most intense CrossFit workouts- I get loads of compliments on it and it keeps my hair back and out of my eyes!

Love It

Love this band. I've bought a few Junk bands and the design on this one is great. Flex-Ties are my preferred choice as they can be tied to suit your headsize

Nice Design

Work very well to wick away sweat. Similar to the flex tie except it cant be adjusted.

Great for sports

First time buying them and I really like them. Lightweight and wicks sweat very well

Junk Headbands are great.

First time buying them and I really like them. Especially like the flex tie as you can adjust the size.