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  • Uniband Resistance Band - Yellow (Very Low Resistance) - 9 for 9
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Uniband Resistance Band - Yellow (Very Low Resistance)

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Uniband manufactures universal resistance training and rehabilitation products for use in physiotherapy, fitness and strength training.

The elastomeric compound Uniband bands exhibit the dynamic stretch properties of traditional latex-based products with none of the disadvantages associated with latex.

Uniband bands are manufactured in the UK to very tight specifications in an ISO 9001 Quality Assured process. This exacting specification ensures consistent tension and evenly spaced resistance between each band level. This reliable tension and evenly spaced resistance supports true progression of strength with no overlap in resistance from one resistance level to the next.


Uniband resistance bands offer superior ‘linear stretch’ with evenly space resistance levels:

  • Yellow - very low resistance
  • Red - low resistance
  • Green - moderate resistance
  • Blue - heavy resistance
  • Black - very heavy resistance


  • 100% latex-free which means no problems with latex allergies
  • Powder-free
  • Superior linear stretch characteristics
  • Engineered for evenly spaced resistance levels from one colour level to the next
  • Consistent high durability
  • Excellent UV and chemical stability so they last a long time
  • Buoyant and resistant to swimming pool chemicals
  • 10cm wide for easier holding
  • Manufactured in an FDA registered facility in the UK


Samples from every batch of Uniband bands are tested on a dynamic cycle durability device. In this test the bands are stretched repeatedly to 300% elongation; this is twice the elongation amount used in most exercise programs. It is not recommended under normal circumstances to stretch them by more than 250% elongation. In this arduous test Uniband bands are expected to withstand a minimum of 10,000 stretches; usually, they last for 25,000 - 30,000 which is many times longer than the normal life usage in practice. Latex bands, on the other hand, are much more variable and often break anywhere between 3,000 - 20,000 stretches. Uniband bands are highly consistent when used within normal operating parameters whereas latex bands are inconsistent and unpredictable

Supplied in single strip lengths (not a continuous loop)

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