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Frank Daddy

Frank Daddy Choker Trainers Knee Sleeves (10mm)

Frank Daddy Choker Trainers Knee Sleeves (10mm)

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Frank Daddy Choker Trainer Knee Sleeves (10mm)

Introducing the Frank Daddy Choker Trainers Knee Sleeves! 

Product Features:

  • 30cm in length
  • 10mm thick neoprene
  • Premium stitching
  • Reversible (OD green one side / black the other side)
  • Suitable for both male and females
  • Sold as a pair

Size Guide:

Size  Comfort fit Competition fit
XXS 10-11" 11-12"
XS 11-12" 12-13"
S 12-13" 13-14"
M 13-14" 14-15"
L 14-15" 15-16"
XL 15-16" 16-17"
2XL 16-17" 17-18"
3XL 17-18" 18-19"
4XL 18-19" 19-20"

How to size - Measure around the centre of your knee with a straight leg

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Jon G.
      Get them while you can

      Got these to keep my knees warm during strongman training-I’ve had my knee rebuilt twice and it’s susceptible to pain! I already have various 5, 7 and 9mm sleeves, and a set of the newer gen ‘competition’ grade, super stiff neoprene (AMAZING but not great for moving around in).
      These are the best all rounders. Great compression, SUPERB warmth, and reversible. Size guide is bang on. I see Frank Daddy is no longer manufacturing, so grab them before they are gone forever, these would be easily worth it at double the price.

      Jon V.
      Better than SBD - Quality, design, price, the lot!

      I’ve had a pair of strangulator wraps for a few years now and they’ve been my favourite wraps I’ve used, so I was happy to go out on a limb and try these out. They may not be the flashiest of colours/design compared to some of the other sleeves they have to offer, but they are a very well thought out product. Great support and warmth, with mild compression (training fit). Unlike SBD the neoprene is covered so they don’t stick and sweat on your legs and are relatively breathable, sizing guide is spot on and they’ve been a godsend for my knees which now resemble a crushed packet of crisps. I can’t comment on their durability yet, but they feel well made and if they’re anything like their wraps, they be good for many years to come.

      Thanks for your review Jon. Enjoy your Frank Daddy knee sleeves. Happy training!

      Frank Daddy Choker Trainers Knee Sleeves (10mm)

      These are awesome knee sleeves. If you are not competing and you guess which one you would take 7mm or 10mm, take 10mm. Sizing is spot on, competition size is excellent choice.

      Thanks for your review Manu. Enjoy your Frank Daddy Choker Knee Sleeves. Happy lifting!