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  • SABO Girevoy - 9 for 9
  • SABO Girevoy - 9 for 9
  • SABO Girevoy - 9 for 9
  • SABO Girevoy - 9 for 9
  • SABO Girevoy - 9 for 9
  • SABO Girevoy - 9 for 9
  • SABO Girevoy - 9 for 9
  • SABO Girevoy - 9 for 9
  • SABO Girevoy - 9 for 9
  • SABO Girevoy - 9 for 9
  • SABO Girevoy - 9 for 9
  • SABO Girevoy - 9 for 9
  • SABO Girevoy - 9 for 9
  • SABO Girevoy - 9 for 9
  • SABO Girevoy - 9 for 9
  • SABO Girevoy - 9 for 9
  • SABO Girevoy - 9 for 9
  • SABO Girevoy - 9 for 9
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SABO Girevoy

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SABO Girevoy

The world's first lifting shoe designed with the needs of Girevoy and Kettlebell sport athletes in mind. These shoes are also suitable for weightlifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding.

Main features:

  • An anatomically optimised design using anthropomorphic measurements of athletes.
  • An asymmetrical outsole designed to support the proper movement of the foot when performing single (and double) kettlebell movements.  
  • Innovative sole made of TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) specifically designed for working with heavy kettlebells and weights.  
  • The outsole is built on the Sabo Power Platform (SPP), flexible in the toe box with a solid, supportive heel and even weight distribution throughout the shoe.
  • Improved upper construction using ultra-durable synthetic materials, providing maximum support for the foot and maximum stability for the ankle. These shoes fit like a glove.   
  • "Drop" or effective heel height (H2 minus H5 - see diagram):
    • Sizes 36-37 - 16.5mm / 0.65"
    • Sizes 38-39 - 17mm / 0.67"
    • Sizes 40-41 - 18mm / 0.71"
    • Sizes 42-43 - 18.5mm / 0.73"
    • Sizes 44-45 - 19.5mm / 0.77"
    • Sizes 46-47 - 20mm / 0.79"


  • Designed specifically for Girevoy and Kettlebell sport, these shoes improve lifting performance and safety.
  • Compared to western shoe models, these shoes are not as narrow and have more volume.
  • With a non-compressible raised heel/sole, metatarsal strap, and glove like fit, these shoes are also perfectly functional for weightlifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding.  
  • Thoroughly tested upper materials to maximise comfort, safety and durability.

Sizes are Russian so please measure your feet and check which size you should need on our size guide page. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help or advice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
If the shoe fits.

Perfect shoe for kettlebell sport and other lifting activities. Solid heel support as well as great flexibility for the ball of the foot. Excellent craftsmanship and materials were used when making these lifting shoes. Want to crank your lifting and comfort up to 11? Get these shoes...

Thanks for your review Golenkov. We hope that you will enjoy the SABO Girevoy shoes and wish you all the best with your training.

Kaspar S.
The SABO Girevoy shoes

These shoes are SO good. Beautiful design and great functionality. The weight, the sole, the strap and the fit is really perfect. Just make sure to measure your feet to get the correct size :-)
9 for 9 is a great place to shop! The best of recommendations.

Thanks for your review Kaspar. That's awesome that you like the SABO Girevoy shoes and they work well for you. Thanks for your recommendation!

kettlebell sport lifting shoes

bought these after they were recommended by another kettlebell lifter. i was having issues with my feet during the jerk lift. so far so good no issues. i would recommend these shoes they are value for money and very comfortable. i always wear barefoot shoes on a day to day basis and these are wide fitting too.

Thanks for your review Joy. We are so pleased to hear that the SABO Girevoy shoes have worked well for you. Wishing you all the best with your training.

ollie h.
SABO Girevoy shoes

Excellent service, shoes arrived next day. Used the SABO girevoy shoes in 2019 British Kettlebell Championships, an excellent product.

Thank you for your review Ollie. We are pleased that you like the Girevoy and that you have been happy with our customer service. Wishing you all the best with your training.

John M.
Wonderful lifting shoes

Great shoes for kettlebells and deadlifts.
Smart design and very comfortable, great buy!

Thank you for your review John. We are pleased the Sabo Girevoy are working well for your kettlebells and deadlifts. All the best with your training.

Dario N.
Sabo girevoy, Emma and Darren the best in customer care

Prodotto non disponibilevsui siti Italian I. Darren ed Emma sono stati gentilissimo e mi hanno inviato il modello nuovo, anche se io avevo ordinato il vecchio. Da apprezzare il biglietto scritto a mano e le caramelle. Customer care top!!!

Translation: "Product not available on Italian sites. Darren and Emma were very kind and they sent me the new model, even if I had ordered the old one. I appreciated the hand-written note and sweets. Customer care top!!!"

Thanks for your review Dario - we really appreciate it. We are so pleased we could provide you with the SABO Girevoy shoes you were after. Thanks for your kind words with regards to our customer service :-) Happy lifting.

Tom E.
Great customer service, great value!

Darren was very helpful and understanding, when I needed to exchange my SABO Girevoy lifting shoes for a different size. Love the pro-active free shipping on size exchanges, really shows that they understand their market. I will definitely recommend further. I suspect I won't need to come back myself for a while because the shoes are brilliant!

Thanks for your review Tom - we really appreciate it. It was a pleasure to be of service to you and we are pleased that you were happy with not only the customer service but also the shoes. Thanks so much for your recommendation - that means a lot to us. Happy lifting!

Rebecca P.
Great shoe for kettlebell sport

Purchased these shoes from 9for9 just less than a year ago. Received excellent service from the team, after checking sizes they ordered them direct from Russia.
They are a really solid shoe for kb sport, heel is a great height with plenty of room in the toe box. I also use them for assistance work which they are very comfortable. I would highly recommend these shoes and they are a fraction of the price of other leading brands. Can’t wait till they bring out more colours!

Thanks so much for your review Rebecca - we really appreciate. We are delighted you like your Girevoys. If more colours are released you can be sure we will get them! Happy lifting.