Obsidian Ammonia | How to use a refill pack

Refill packs can be purchased with Obsidian BasicObsidian Ultra and Saiyan Salts saving you some money! This means you can get the first initial use and then up to two more uses for only a small additional outlay.

Voila... science in a bottle! If you are used to conventional smelling salts you should prepare yourself. This will be the strongest ammonia inhalant you have ever experienced. Proceed with caution.

Refill packs are also now available to purchase separately here. Use an existing bottle or an alternative small container and you're good to go.


No, it's not cocaine... it's your ammonia refill pack! That's right, Obsidian are the first and only company to offer you a refill for your bottle of ammonia! The reason Obsidian do this is, well, they're awesome... and because Obsidian Ultra is highly unpredictable in its reaction and the unstable nature of it can burn out at a moments notice leaving you with a flat, useless bottle of salts.



  1. Discard spent material and and rinse/clean bottle. For the large refill pack (42g) a 100c-150cc bottle like Obsidian Ultra or Saiyan Salts is perfect. For the magnum refill pack (86g) a 250cc bottle or larger such as Dim Mak or Ampules is perfect.
  2. Add entire contents of refill pack to bottle (including cotton ball if included)
  3. For large refill pack (42g) add a cap full of water (7.5ml) to the mix to activate. For magnum refill pack (86g) add 15ml of water to the mix to activate.
  4. Shake thoroughly - bottle will get warm


SMALL (28g)

This type of refill pack is what we provide if you purchase additional refill packs while buying a bottle of Obsidian Basic.

If you have purchase a refill pack by itself to use in your own container then for optimal potency activate in a 60-100cc bottle with an air-tight closure.

LARGE (42g)

This type of refill pack is what we provide if you purchase additional refill packs while buying a bottle of Obsidian Ultra or Saiyan Salts.

Can be activated inside pouch simply by adding water. For optimal lifespan and potency activate in 100-150cc bottle with an air-tight closure.

MAGNUM (86g)

This type of refill pack is what we provide if you purchase additional refill packs while buying a bottle of Dim Mak.

Works best in a container that is 250cc or bigger, such as Dim Mak or even an bottle of Ampules.


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